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Coordinates: 44°27′57″N 26°05′29″E / 44.46583°N 26.09139°E / 44.46583; 26.09139

Primăverii on the map of Bucharest
Primăverii, aerial view

Primăverii is a district situated in the north of Bucharest, Romania, in Sector 1. The area is one of the most expensive in the city and is home to many politicians and local celebrities.


The district is relatively new and was built on the old "Grădina Bordei" park which was situated on the outskirts of the city at the beginning of the 20th century. The park was given as a wedding present to his daughter Caliopi, by Constantin Hrisoscoleu, when she married Petrache Poenaru. The domain was later bought by Carol II of Romania.

The houses of the district were built in the 1930s as inexpensive semi-detached houses by architect Octav Doicescu. After World War II, most members of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party moved to the area, with the largest houses on Primăverii blvd. being inhabited by the members of the Politburo. These houses, which had large gardens in the back, were surrounded by tall walls and heavily guarded by the militia.[1]

Starting with the 1960s, the nomenklatura began building large mansions, with many rooms, parks and swimming pools.[1] For instance, Alexandru Drăghici built a villa on the banks of Herăstrău, which, after Drăghici fell out of favour with the leaders, had been later converted into the Primăverii Palace and used for heads of state guests. Nicolae Ceaușescu occupied a whole block of villas, including one for his security guards and one for domestic servants.[1]

It has remained an exclusive district since then.


The district is served by the Aviatorilor metro station metro station and by various RATB buses.


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