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Prima Cool
Prima Cool logo.svg
Launched 1 April 2009
Owned by FTV Prima
Country Czech Republic

Prima Cool is a private Czech television station.

Prima Cool is TV Prima's second channel. It is targeted primarily at young male audiences.

Prima Cool launched on April 1, 2009 as TV Prima's new digital channel. It is available on Czech DVB-T multiplex 2, where it is freely broadcast (covering up to 72% of the population of the Czech republic, mainly in Bohemia). The channel is also broadcast through DVB-S on satellite Astra 1G, and available on cable TV (in all packages, due to the must-carry law). It is also known as "Ninja Warrior"


  • Ratings in December 2009 were about a 1.3% share (eighth/ninth place).
  • Ratings in April 2010 were a more than 2.0% share (eighth/ninth place).
  • Ratings in June 2011 were a more than 3.9% share (sixth/seventh place).
  • Ratings in March 2012 were a more than 6.5% share (fourth place)[1]



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