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Primagama Tutoring Institution
Founded 10 March 1982
Founder Purdi E. Chandra
Headquarters Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Number of locations
766 (2011)
Website [1]

Primagama Tutoring Institution, known as Primagama, is the largest tutoring institution in Indonesia. It started on March 10, 1982 at an office in Yogyakarta. Primagama gives extra education for students from elementary and high school to gain academic success. Primagama has 766 branches, 400 business partners and more than 20000 staff. Awards include ISO certificate 1998, Superbrand, Marketing Award, Franchise Award, and Top Brand for Kid.


Primagama was preceded by Purdi E. Chandra’s boredom of campus life. He had studied in four Majors - Psychology, Electrical, English Literature and Pharmacy in Gadjah Mada University and IKIP Yogya. He decided to end his university days and start Primagama test tutoring, which later turned into Primagama learning tutor institution.

The place which was first used was a rented room. Only two students attended the first class.

The institution has 766 branches throughout Indonesia. Almost every year, approximately 300,000 students join Primagama. Primagama is confirmed as Indonesia’ largest tutoring organisation by MURI (the Indonesian Record Museum). Primagama is also a holding company which has 20 subsidiaries in formal education, non-formal education, telecommunications, travel agents, restaurants, supermarkets, insurance, and golf courses.

Through the franchising concept, they have hundreds of branches in Indonesia.

Primagama uses a learning method named SMART Solution. SMART solution is a collection of tricks and formulas developed by Primagama to solve questions. With SMART, students can answer questions that relate to numbers and formula. These questions usually are the most difficult questions that students deal with.

Another Primagama concept is REC (Remedial Enrichment and Consulting). Remedial means Primagama will give their students additional lessons to enhance the students comprehension. Enrichment means that Primagama will give enrichments questions like daily exams or national exams. Consulting means that teachers in Primagama will listens student’s problems.

Students are able to study in their home with selftutoring program software and building games through PrimagamaPlus, which is an extension of their program. DMI Test is a fingerprint test that some believe allows the tester to identify the tested person’s talent, characteristics and 0ther things. Teguh Sunaryo, Director of DMI Primagama Indonesia, said “This developed method by Primagama is not a forecast. This is an attempt to discover someone’s self-potential map. The method can be applied in various backgrounds, ranging from preschool students, such as playgroup and kindergarten, elementary school, junior high and high school to students, teachers, professors, politicians and publics”.

All Primagama services can't be found in all Primagama branches. Due to the franchising system, branches vary in their capabilities. Plus, having complete facilities means a lot of funding and not every branches can afford this. In countryside areas, sometimes only class tutoring is available.


The two channels to Primsagama are their website, and their offices which spread across the nation. To get complete information, students are advised to go to their office, so they can ask about the fee and the installment, because such information is not shown in their website.

Key activities and key partners[edit]

Other than class teaching and private teaching, to expand its market franchising is an option Primagama also uses. For advertising, Primagama is partnering with companies from different sectors in Indonesia for a co-branding program.

Revenue streams and cost structure[edit]

The revenue stream is obtained from subscription fees. Every student pays some amount before the class starts but now Primagama allow students to pay the fees in installments. Primagama have held some free learning events for schools, and a collaboration program between Primagama and Microsoft, with a website that provides a free try out for national examinations.

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