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Birth name Choi Dong-hoon
Born (1983-01-31) January 31, 1983 (age 35)
Seoul, South Korea
  • Musician
  • record producer
Years active 2004–present
Labels Amoeba Culture
Associated acts
Website Primary
Korean name
Hangul 최동훈
Revised Romanization Choe Dong-hun
McCune–Reischauer Ch'oe Tonghun
Stage name
Hangul 프라이머리
Revised Romanization Peuraimeori
McCune–Reischauer Pŭraimŏri

Choi Dong-hoon (born January 31, 1983), better known by the stage name Primary, is a prominent South Korean hip hop musician and record producer. He is currently signed under Amoeba Culture.

Primary has collaborated with various artists to produce the albums Back Again, Primary Score, Daily Apartment, Primary and The Messengers, and 2. He has also produced albums for other Korean hip hop artists, including Supreme Team's first album Supremier and Dynamic Duo's Kill, as well as several of MBLAQ's singles, including "I'm Back" and "Smokey Girl".[1][2] He appeared in the MBC variety program Infinite Challenge in 2013.[3]


Primary became active in the South Korean hip hop scene in 2004 with collaborations with Dynamic Duo and Garion. He also gained musical experience while attending Seoul Jazz Academy. In 2006, he debuted with an album named Daily Apartment in collaboration with Beenzino, under the name P' Skool. As part of the promotions for the album, Primary donned a cardboard box mask with a bird beak in order to be more memorable. The band is now inactive, but often play at live performances for Dynamic Duo and Supreme Team.[4]

Primary and Dynamic Duo's Gaeko created a track for Quincy Jones's 2011 visit to Korea which Jones sung at a press conference and expressed his appreciation for.[5] In 2011 Primary released the first part of the album Primary and The Messengers and continued to release the subsequent four parts through October 2012.[1] The album in total includes collaborations with 23 separate artists.[6] He successfully broke into the top ten on various Korean music charts with the album's track "? (Question Mark)" in November 2012.[7] Primary performed a special stage with Dynamic Duo at the 2012 MBC Gayo Daejun.[8]

On August 31 and September 1, 2013 Primary held a sold-out joint concert with Zion.T at the Lotte Art Center in Seoul.[9] Primary also participated at the 2013 Infinite Challenge Song Festival, performing with Park Myeong-su and producing a song for Park Ji-yoon. The songs he made for the event, "I Got C" and "Mr. Lee". were later have found to have crossed the line from sampling into plagiarism in their use of Dutch artist Caro Emerald's songs "Liquid Lunch" and "One Day". Primary later officially credited Caro Emerald's composing group Grandmono for the songs. All of the proceeds from the song "I Got C" were later donated.[10][11] Primary later produced the song "Without You" for Infinite H.[12]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Primary and the Messengers
Track listing
  1. Magic Glass (요지경) feat. Supreme Team, Yankie, Mellow
  2. Happy Ending feat. Jinsil, Gary
  3. Say It (말이야) feat. Garion
  4. Meet (만나) feat. Zion.T
  5. Away (멀어) feat. Beenzino
  6. Love feat. Bumkey, Paloalto
  7. See Through (씨스루) feat. Gaeko, Zion.T
  8. Mine Tonight feat. Jinbo, Dok2
  9. Clean Entrance (입장정리) feat. Choiza, Simon D
  10. High End Girl (하이엔드걸) feat. Deez
  11. 2 Weeks (2주일) feat. Rhythm Power
  12. ? (물음표) feat. Choiza, Zion.T
  13. Congratulations (축하해) feat. Dynamic Duo, Jay Park
  14. I'm Back feat. Yankie, Double K, G.O
  15. Playboy's Diary feat. Junggigo, Dead'P
  16. Interlude
  17. Poison (독) feat. E-Sens
  18. Maebong Station Line 3 (3호선 매봉역) feat. Paloalto, Beenzino
  19. Outro
  20. Where I Am (거기서 거기읾) feat. Dynamic Duo, E-Sens
  • Released: August 2, 2015
  • Label: Amoeba Culture, LOEN Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. See You (조만간 봐요) feat. BSK, Gaeko
  2. Mannequin (마네퀸) feat. Beenzino, Suran
  3. Rubber (러버) feat. Oh Hyuk
  4. Paranoia (피해망상) feat. Gaeko, Sunwoo Jung-ah
  5. Don't Be Shy (아끼지마) feat. Choa, Iron
  6. Just Like U feat. Yankie, Jessi
  7. Established Head (머리 세웠어) feat. Junggigo
  8. Hello (네일 했어) feat. Lena Park
  9. Mileage (마일리지) feat. Paloalto, Hwasa
  10. Her (그녀는) feat. Choiza, Geegooin
  11. Gold Finger (골드핑거) feat. Suran
  12. U feat. Kwon Jin-ah, Rap Monster

Extended plays[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Track listing
  1. On feat. Samuel Seo, George
  2. Baby feat. Jooyoung
  3. Imagination (상상해) feat. Chancellor, PH-1
  4. ~42 feat. Sam Kim, Esna
  5. I Know (알아) feat. Sumin
  6. Somehow Today (오늘은 왠지) feat. OFA
  7. Night Flower (밤꽃) feat. Car the garden
  8. Lukewarm (미지근해) feat. Cokebath
  • Released: August 30, 2017
  • Label: Amoeba Culture, LOEN Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track listing
  1. Drama (드라마) feat. Kim Sung-kyu
  2. Tükk (툭) feat. Yang Yo-seob
  3. Right? feat. Soyou
  4. Diet (다이어트) feat. Solji
  5. Pick up (마중) feat. Sandeul
  6. Hush (허쉬) feat. JB


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
"Magic Glass" (요지경)
feat. Supreme Team, Yankie, Mellow
2011 79 Primary And The Messengers
"Johnny" (자니)
feat. Dynamic Duo
2012 39 Non-album single
"Meet" (만나)
feat. Zion.T
74 Primary And The Messengers
"See Through" (씨스루)
feat. Gaeko, Zion.T
"Clean Entrance" (입장정리)
feat. Choiza, Simon D
"?" (물음표)
feat. Choiza, Zion.T
"See You" (조만간 봐요
feat. BSK, Gaeko
2015 7 2
"Mannequin" (마네퀸)
feat. Beenzino, Suran
"Don't Be Shy" (아끼지마)
feat. Choa, Iron
"Hello" (네일 했어)
feat. Lena Park
feat. Sam Kim, Esna
2017 44 Shininryu
feat. Soyou
27 Pop
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

Other charted songs[edit]

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
feat. Bumkey, Paloalto
2012 75 Primary And The Messengers
"Mine Tonight"
feat. Jinbo, Dok2
"Poison" (독)
feat. E-Sens
"Congratulations" (축하해)
feat. Dynamic Duo, Jay Park
"I'm Back"
feat. Yankie, Double K, G.O
"Maebong Station Line 3" (3호선 매봉역)
feat. Paloalto, Beenzino
"Playboy's Diary"
feat. Junggigo, Dead'P
"2 Weeks" (2주일)
feat. Rhythm Power
"Happy Ending"
feat. Jinsil, Gary
"High End Girl" (하이엔드걸)
feat. Deez
"Say It" (말이야)
feat. Garion
"Away" (멀어)
feat. Beenzino
feat. Kwon Jin-ah, Rap Monster
2015 32 2
"Established Head" (머리 세웠어)
feat. Junggigo
"Her" (그녀는)
feat. Choiza, Geegooin
"Mileage" (마일리지)
feat. Paloalto, Hwasa
"Rubber" (러버)
feat. Oh Hyuk
"Just Like U"
feat. Yankie, Jessi
"Paranoia" (피해망상)
feat. Gaeko, Sunwoo Jung-a
"Gold Finger" (골드핑거)
feat. Suran
"Drama" (드라마)
feat. Kim Sung-kyu
2017 29 Pop
"Took" (툭)
feat. Yang Yo-seob
"Pick Up" (마중)
feat. B1A4
"Hush" (허쉬)
feat. JB
"Diet" (다이어트)
feat. EXID
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


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