Primatial Cathedral of Bogotá

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Archbishopric Cathedral of Bogotá next to Sacred Chapel and Archiepiscopal Palace

The Archbishopric Cathedral of Bogotá is a Roman Catholic cathedral located at the eastern side of Bolívar Square in Bogotá, D.C., Colombia. It is seat of the Archbishop of Bogotá, Cardinal Mon. Ruben Salazar Gomez.

The Cathedral was built between 1807 and 1823.[1] It is said to be built by descendants of Jesuit missionaries. When the Spanish conquerors officially founded the city of Bogotá (changing the original Indian name of the city: Bacata), they established in 12 huts and a hay-church, that -after being totally built- would take the name of Archbishopric Cathedral of Bogotá. The cathedral holds the remains of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, founder of Bogotá. The cathedral is the biggest in Colombia and one of the biggest ones in South America.

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