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Primary Health Properties plc
Public real estate investment trust
Traded as LSEPHP
Founded 1995
Founder Harry Hyman
Headquarters United Kingdom
Revenue £63.0 million (2015)
Total assets £1.2 billion (2015)

Primary Health Properties plc is a British-based real estate investment trust, specialising in the rental of primary healthcare facilities within the United Kingdom. The company was incorporated in 1995, floated on the Alternative Investment Market in 1996, and listed on the London Stock Exchange in November 1998. The firm switched to Real Estate Investment Trust status when REITs were introduced in the United Kingdom in January 2007. It is one of the smaller REITs on the London Stock Exchange, and the one of two focused on the healthcare sector.[1]

Property portfolio[edit]

As of the end of 2015, it had a property portfolio of 267 sites, with a further six under construction, worth approximately £1.10 billion. This was a 7.3% increase over its situation the year before; at the end of 2014, it had had sites worth approximately £1.03 billion. 92% of the rent roll is paid for by the NHS. 7% is due from pharmacies.

Management and ownership[edit]

PHP uses one organisation, Nexus Tradeco Limited (Nexus Tradeco), as manager,[2] rather than employing its own administrative staff; it has no actual employees.[3] The managing company have representation on the board; the managing director is also the managing director of Nexus Tradeco Limited.[4]

Voting Rights  %
Unicorn Asset Management 24,305,720 5.45
Blackrock 23,827,282 5.34
Investec Wealth & Investment 22,093,393 4.95
CCLA Investment Management 19,999,380 4.48
Charles Stanley 19,849,430 4.45
Troy Asset Management 18,880,000 4.23
Brooks Macdonald Asset Management 17,866,076 4.00
Nexus Group Holdings Limited 16,000,000 3.59
Hargreaves Lansdown 14,027,827 3.14


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