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Primary Music
Primary music.jpg
Founded 2003
Founder Suzy
Distributor(s) Helicon Records
Genre World Music, New-age, Lounge and ambient
Country of origin Israel
Official website

Primary Music is an Israeli independent record label, specializing in World Music, New Age, Lounge and ambient. Primary Music is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.


In September 2003, having quit her former label, World Music Singer Suzy established 'Primary Music' as an independent label. Her goal was to create a personal label that can promote her music according to her own artistic perception.

The Label Expands[edit]

However, what was meant-to-be a solo stage for one artist, quickly became a loadstone for many other leading 'World Music' artists. Besides Suzy, stood 'Essev Bar' (with their latest album 'Almora' produced by Primary Music), the Spirit Israel project including Gabriel Meyer Halevy and Avishai Bar Natan, Arabic Rock Band - 'Khalas', well known composer Uri Ophir (with his meditation project - 'Kwan Se Om') and Margalit Matitiahu (the poet of a new original Ladino album by Suzy - 'Aromas Y Memorias'). For a certain period the label has worked with other leading musicians; such as Israeli-French singer Orlika, Udi Ben Cnaan, Tomer Ben Ari and others. Primary Music's artists together represent a wide variety of Israeli World Music network.


These artists have released recordings through Primary Music:


These are some of the albums on Primary Music's Catalogue:

  • Suzy- Herencia (Heritage)
  • Suzy- Estos Y Munchos (Manny happy returns)
  • Suzy- Judeo Spanish (Ladino) collection
  • Suzy and Margalit Matitiahu- Aromas Y Memorias (Aromas & Memories)
  • Essev Bar- Almora
  • Spirit Israel - Spirit Israel
  • Uri Ophir, Nissim Amon- Kwan Se om

World Music and Primary Music[edit]

World Music is the ideological and traditional music of ethnic groups that sing in their native tongue. Its uniqueness is formed through preservation of the culture and the past, while creating something new. Lately, this musical genre is becoming more and more popular, giving listeners the chance to really explore foreign cultures, by means they can always relate to - music. World Music from Israel has become a first class national treasure, gathering enormous popularity amongst the world public thirsty for new, unique and original voices. The name 'Primary Music' comes from the belief that a man's primal basis, is his culture. Primary Music aims to introduce these different cultures through its artists. Primary Music's Artists are joined together for promoting ideas of preservation aside along with innovation.

Israel as a great nation for World Music[edit]

Israel, a melting pot for over 70 cultures, traditions and languages, some going back to the dawn of human culture, is an inexhaustible source for World Music, which is developed quite impressively while taking a place of honor on local stages. Many nations are curious about foreign cultures, and therefore there is an open ear worldwide for these artists, and not only locally. This almost impossible mixture within the Israeli society, gives birth to special, innovative creations, due to their being both origin-saturated and original.

Working ethics as an independent label[edit]

Inside Israel, Primary Music's records are being distributed through 'Helicon' (One of the three majors in Israel besides 'Hed Arzi' and 'NMC'), and worldwide- using through digital and physical means. The label encourages a flourishing cooperation with other labels, music companies and artists from across the world; among them are Pasion Turca, Atoll Music, Arc Music, Clubstar GMBH and EMI Music Publishing. Primary Music's albums are distributed all over the world, while songs and tracks from the label's Repertoire are being offered for licensing and therefore appear in many World Music compilations all over the world.

Primary Music in the world[edit]

Ever since October 2004, Primary Music has been representing its artists worldwide attending professional conventions such as WOMEX, Midem, Strictly Mundial and others.

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