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This page provides brief details of primary schools in the borough of Hertsmere in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

All the state-funded primary schools in Hertsmere are co-educational. There are two Jewish schools, three Roman Catholic schools and three Church of England schools in the district, all of which are voluntary aided schools with the exception of St John's (Radlett) which is a voluntary controlled school. Except for four foundation schools, the remaining schools are all non-faith community schools.[citation needed] The Local Education Authority is Hertfordshire County Council.[1]

There are still some linked pairs of infant schools and junior schools, with the infant school covering Reception and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and the junior school covering Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). However most have been amalgamated in a single Junior Mixed Infant (JMI) school or (equivalently) primary school.[citation needed]

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Name Faith Type Gov Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted number Web Coordinates
Ashfield Junior VC 1845 60 3012 117391 W 51°38′22″N 0°21′26″W / 51.6394°N 0.3571°W / 51.6394; -0.3571 (Ashfield Junior School)
Bournehall Primary CY 1969 30 2360 117296 W 51°39′00″N 0°21′37″W / 51.6499°N 0.3604°W / 51.6499; -0.3604 (Bournehall Primary School)
Bushey Heath Primary CY 1879 30 2012 117088 W 51°38′12″N 0°20′29″W / 51.6368°N 0.3413°W / 51.6368; -0.3413 (Bushey Heath Primary School)
Bushey Manor Junior CY 1907 60 2261 117242 W 51°38′49″N 0°22′33″W / 51.6470°N 0.3757°W / 51.6470; -0.3757 (Bushey Manor Junior School)
Falconer Special CY 7033 117686 W 51°38′49″N 0°22′06″W / 51.6470°N 0.3682°W / 51.6470; -0.3682 (Falconer School)
Hartsbourne Primary CY 30 2372 117300 W 51°37′52″N 0°20′33″W / 51.6312°N 0.3425°W / 51.6312; -0.3425 (Hartsbourne Primary School)
Highwood Primary CY 1949 60 2013 117089 W 51°39′57″N 0°22′30″W / 51.6658°N 0.3750°W / 51.6658; -0.3750 (Highwood Primary School)
Little Reddings Primary FD 51 5208 117568 W 51°38′51″N 0°21′22″W / 51.6474°N 0.3560°W / 51.6474; -0.3560 (Little Reddings Primary School)
Meadow Wood Special CY 7043 117691 W 51°38′54″N 0°21′02″W / 51.6483°N 0.3506°W / 51.6483; -0.3506 (Meadow Wood School)
Merry Hill Infants CY 1885 60 2014 117090 W 51°38′17″N 0°21′20″W / 51.6380°N 0.3555°W / 51.6380; -0.3555 (Merry Hill School)
Sacred Heart RC Primary VA 1970 40 3415 117488 W 51°38′38″N 0°22′16″W / 51.6440°N 0.3711°W / 51.6440; -0.3711 (Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School)

The first public elementary schools in Bushey were national schools, established in 1827 in buildings near St James's church. As usual for the time, there were separate schools for infants and older boys and girls. A non-denominational British school for boys was built on Merry Hill Lane (now School Lane) in 1845, after which the boys' national school soon closed. In 1866, Arthur Ashfield donated £5455 to the boys' school, which was renamed Ashfield School in 1919.[2][3]

When the Bushey school board was established in 1879, it took over the running of the three schools, moving the girls' and infants schools from the Congregational Church lecture hall to new premises on Merry Hill Lane in 1885. The girls' school was renamed Bushey Girls' Board School in 1889, and Merry Hill Board School in 1900, amalgamating with the infants department in 1923. In 1972 the last junior girls left the school, now known as Merry Hill Infants School and linked with Ashfield School.[3]

The board also established an infants school on The Rutts in 1879, absorbing a girls' and infants school founded in 1850.[2][3] The school was extended and modernised in 1967, becoming Bushey Heath Primary School.[4]

The Bushey board also built schools for infants, boys and girls on London Road, on the site now occupied by Bushey Health Centre. The infants school was abolished in 1929, when the girls' school became a senior school.[2] London Road Boys' Elementary School moved to Grange Road in 1957, becoming Bushey Manor Junior School in the 1960s.[3] It is linked with Bushey and Oxhey Infant School, which is just inside the boundary of Watford.

Radlett and Shenley [edit]

Name Faith Type Gov Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Clore Shalom J Primary VA 1999 30 5213 131456 W 51°42′15″N 0°17′23″W / 51.7041°N 0.2896°W / 51.7041; -0.2896 (Clore Shalom Primary School)
Fair Field Junior FD 60 5212 117228 W 51°40′47″N 0°20′06″W / 51.6798°N 0.3351°W / 51.6798; -0.3351 (Fair Field Junior School)
Hertsmere J Primary VA 1999 60 3304 131955 W 51°40′11″N 0°18′21″W / 51.6697°N 0.3059°W / 51.6697; -0.3059 (Hertsmere Jewish Primary School)
Newberries Primary CY 30 2378 117303 W 51°40′55″N 0°18′28″W / 51.6820°N 0.3077°W / 51.6820; -0.3077 (Newberries Primary School)
Shenley Primary CY 1841 45 2108 117150 W 51°41′24″N 0°16′48″W / 51.6901°N 0.2800°W / 51.6901; -0.2800 (Shenley Primary School)
St John's CE Infant VC 60 3003 117383 W 51°40′58″N 0°19′32″W / 51.6827°N 0.3255°W / 51.6827; -0.3255 (St John's C of E Infant and Nursery School (Radlett))

St Martin's School was established in Shenley in 1841, next to the church, which was built at the same time. It was a national school, and catered for boys only. In 1853 the National School for Girls (now the village hall) was built. The Shenley School Board was established in 1878, and built a Board School for Girls and Infants, replacing the girls' national school. The board school building on London Road forms part of Shenley Primary School today.[5][6]

The first elementary school serving Radlett, Elstree and Borehamwood was Medburn Boys Elementary School established in 1864 on Watling Street to the south of Radlett. The school was built by the Brewers' Company to replace the demolished lower school of Aldenham School.[7][8] In the 1870s, the Charity Commission redistributed the proceeds of the sale of land owned by the Platt foundation of Aldenham School, directing £8000 to local elementary schools.[9] The Medburn school received part of this, and Radlett Girls and Infant Elementary School was built at the bottom of Loom Lane in 1878. A separate infants school was established in Cobden Hill in 1902. All three schools were run by the Church of England until 1944. By the late 1950s, after the construction of Fair Field Junior School.[7] the Loom lane and Cobden Hill buildings operated just as an infant school with what are now year 1 classes at Cobden Hill and year 2 classes at Loom Lane. They closed in the 1960s, after the construction of Newberries Primary School and St Johns Church of England Infant and Nursery School . The buildings of the former boys' school are now Medburn Kennels, while the former girls' school buildings are now a private house and the Youth and Community Centre.[7][10]

The Platt funds were also used to establish Delrow Boys Elementary School in Summerhouse Lane, Round Bush (serving Aldenham) in 1865, lasting until the 1930s.[7][10][11]

Clore Shalom School and Hertsmere Jewish Primary School are the only Jewish faith primary schools in Hertfordshire, and are feeders for Yavneh College in Borehamwood.

Borehamwood and Elstree [edit]

Name Faith Type Gov Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Cowley Hill Primary CY 60 2030 117099 W 51°39′53″N 0°16′25″W / 51.6647°N 0.2736°W / 51.6647; -0.2736 (Cowley Hill Primary School)
Kenilworth Primary CY 30 2155 117183 W 51°39′18″N 0°15′23″W / 51.6550°N 0.2565°W / 51.6550; -0.2565 (Kenilworth Primary School)
Meryfield Primary CY 1954 60 2156 117184 W 51°39′54″N 0°17′13″W / 51.6651°N 0.2870°W / 51.6651; -0.2870 (Meryfield Community Primary School)
Monksmead Primary CY 1958 30 2224 117219 W 51°39′16″N 0°15′59″W / 51.6544°N 0.2663°W / 51.6544; -0.2663 (Monksmead Primary School)
Parkside Primary FD 30 5202 117562 W 51°40′12″N 0°16′52″W / 51.6700°N 0.2810°W / 51.6700; -0.2810 (Parkside Community Primary School)
Saffron Green Primary CY 1954 30 2181 117195 W 51°39′02″N 0°15′10″W / 51.6506°N 0.2527°W / 51.6506; -0.2527 (Saffron Green Primary School)
St Nicholas CE Primary VA 30 3333 117431 W 51°38′41″N 0°17′47″W / 51.6447°N 0.2964°W / 51.6447; -0.2964 (St Nicholas Elstree C of E VA Primary School)
St Teresa's RC Primary VA 30 3384 117466 W 51°39′37″N 0°16′16″W / 51.6602°N 0.2711°W / 51.6602; -0.2711 (St Teresa's Catholic Primary School)
Summerswood Primary CY 60 2154 117182 W 51°39′01″N 0°16′04″W / 51.6503°N 0.2678°W / 51.6503; -0.2678 (Summerswood Primary School)
Woodlands Primary CY 1956 30 2153 117181 W 51°39′57″N 0°16′26″W / 51.6657°N 0.2739°W / 51.6657; -0.2739 (Woodlands Primary School)

Potters Bar[edit]

Name Faith Type Gov Opened Intake DCSF number Ofsted Web Coordinates
Cranborne Primary CY 1933[12] 60 2980 117369 W 51°41′59″N 0°11′57″W / 51.6998°N 0.1992°W / 51.6998; -0.1992 (Cranborne Primary School (Potters Bar))
Ladbrooke JMI CY 1861[12] 30 2982 117370 W 51°41′46″N 0°10′47″W / 51.6962°N 0.1796°W / 51.6962; -0.1796 (Ladbrooke JMI School)
Oakmere Primary CY 1958[12] 60 2985 117371 W 51°41′40″N 0°09′52″W / 51.6945°N 0.1644°W / 51.6945; -0.1644 (Oakmere Primary School)
Pope Paul RC Primary VA 30 3975 117496 W 51°41′24″N 0°11′56″W / 51.6901°N 0.1988°W / 51.6901; -0.1988 (Pope Paul Catholic Primary School)
St Giles' CE Primary VA 1870 15 5204 117564 W 51°41′42″N 0°13′54″W / 51.6949°N 0.2318°W / 51.6949; -0.2318 (St Giles' C of E Primary School)
The Wroxham Primary FD 30 5206 117566 W 51°41′58″N 0°12′50″W / 51.6994°N 0.2140°W / 51.6994; -0.2140 (The Wroxham Primary School)

The first National School to serve Potters Bar was erected on Barnet Road between St. Vincent's Way and Hill Rise, in October 1839. It was replaced in 1872 by St John's School, which lasted until 1954.

A new infants' school was built on the High Street in August 1861 by Rev. H.G. Watkins on his own land, and took over the infants from the national school. The building still stands, and is Grade II listed.[13] It housed an expanded senior school from 1833 to 1938, after which it became an infant and junior school, renamed Ladbrooke School after the farm to the West of the High Street that had just been replaced by a housing estate. In April 1998 the school moved to new buildings on the site of the former Parkfield School (1938–1960). The new access road to the school was named Watkins Rise in memory of the school's founder.[12]

A former school in the area was Sunnybank Primary School (1960–2007) 51°41′20″N 0°11′20″W / 51.6890°N 0.1889°W / 51.6890; -0.1889 (Sunnybank Primary School (closed 2007)).

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