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The primates of Colombia include 36 species in 12 genera and 5 families.[1]

Common name Scientific name Distribution & habitat Notes
Callitrichidae - marmosets & tamarins
Pygmy marmoset Cebuella pygmaea Amazon region -
Black-mantled tamarin Saguinus nigricollis Amazon region -
Graells's tamarin Saguinus graellsi Amazon region ssp. of S. nigricollis ?; Near threatened
Brown-mantled tamarin Saguinus fuscicollis Amazon region Sympatric with pygmy marmoset
Cotton-top tamarin Saguinus oedipus Northern Colombia; PNN Tayrona Critically endangered; Endemic
Geoffroy's tamarin Saguinus geoffroyi Chocó lowlands and foothill forest -
White-footed tamarin Saguinus leucopus Northern Colombia; dry and humid forest Allopatry from S. oedipus; Endangered; Endemic
Mottle-faced tamarin Saguinus inustus Amazon region -
Cebidae - capuchins & squirrel monkeys
Wedge-capped capuchin Cebus olivaceus Possibly northeastern Colombia -
White-headed capuchin Cebus capucinus Pacific lowlands, Gorgona Island -
White-fronted capuchin Cebus albifrons Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Amazon region various distinct ssp.
Large-headed capuchin Sapajus macrocephalus Eastern Colombia, Magdalena Valley (Huila, Cauca) may be ssp. of S. apella
Common squirrel monkey Saimiri sciureus Amazon region -
Aotidae - night monkeys
Gray-bellied night monkey Aotus lemurinus Tropical Andes Vulnerable
Panamanian night monkey Aotus zonalis Chocó lowlands ssp. of A. lemurinus ?
Gray-handed night monkey Aotus griseimembra Northern Colombia east of Sinú River ssp. of A. lemurinus ?; Vulnerable
Hernández-Camacho's night monkey Aotus jorgehernandezi West slope of Central Andes (Quindío, Risaralda) Tatamá (West Andes) ?
Brumback's night monkey Aotus brumbacki Orinico region ssp. of A. lemurinus ?; Vulnerable
Spix's night monkey Aotus vociferans Amazon region -
Pitheciidae - titis, sakis & uakaris
Ornate titi Callicebus ornatus Orinoco region, East Andes foothills to Macarena Vulnerable; Endemic
Lucifer titi Callicebus lucifer Amazon region, between Caquetá & Putumayo Rivers -
Black titi Callicebus lugens Orinoco & Amazon lowlands, between Caquetá & Tomo Rivers -
Colombian black-handed titi Callicebus medemi Amazon region, between Caquetá & Putumayo Rivers Vulnerable; Endemic
Collared titi Callicebus torquatus Amazon region -
Golden-backed uakari Cacajao melanocephalus Between Caquetá & Guaviare Rivers, to Macarena -
Monk saki Pithecia monachus Amazon region, south of Caquetá River -
Atelidae - howler, spider, and wooly monkeys
Mantled howler Alouatta palliata Pacific lowlands, western Caribbean lowlands -
Ursine howler Alouatta arctoidea Northern Orinoco region, East Andes foothills may be subspecies of A. seniculus
Juruá red howler Alouatta juara East of Central & East Andes may be subspecies of A. seniculus
Colombian red howler Alouatta seniculus Throughout except Pacific & Guajira -
White-fronted spider monkey Ateles belzebuth Parts of Amazon region, Macarena, foothills of East Andes Endangered
Brown spider monkey Ateles hybridus Magdalena Valley, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Serranía de Perijá Critically endangered
Black-headed spider monkey Ateles fusciceps West slope of West Andes, Pacific lowlands Critically endangered
Geoffroy's spider monkey Ateles geoffroyi Possibly extreme northern Chocó to Baudo Mountains Endangered
Brown woolly monkey Lagothrix lagotricha Amazon region Vulnerable
Colombian woolly monkey Lagothrix lugens East Andes foothills, Macarena Mountains, Magdalena Valley, San Lucas Mountains[2] Critically endangered; Endemic ?

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