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Prime Eternal is the title given to the leader of the Eternals, a fictional race of godlike immortals in the Marvel Comics Universe. The Prime Eternal is the official political leader of the Eternal city-state of Olympia, but their power is also more than political, enabling them to initiate a Uni-Mind, the fusion of many Eternals into a massively powerful collective organism.[1] Although this ability is apparently inherent in Thena[original research?], so the matter is somewhat unclear. Past Prime Eternals have included Kronos, Zuras and Thena. The most recent Prime Eternal is Ikaris. After Zuras' death the following position-holders would be enhanced to equal his level of power in all areas where he exceeded him/her. For example, Ikaris was previously somewhat stronger and swifter and would not be lessened in these areas, but turns into a more adept energy- and matter-manipulator.