Prime Head

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Prime Head is a prominent snow-covered headland which forms the Northern extremity of Antarctic Peninsula. The name Siffrey was given to a cape in this vicinity by the French Antarctic Expedition under Capt. Jules Dumont d'Urville, 1837-40, and was previously approved for the feature here described. D'Urville's "Cap Siffrey" has since been identified by the UK-APC as a point two miles to the ESE, now called Siffrey Point. The name Prime Head, given by the UK-APC in 1963, alludes to the position of the headland as the first or northernmost feature of Antarctic Peninsula. Coordinates: 63°12′48″S 57°18′08″W / 63.21333°S 57.30222°W / -63.21333; -57.30222


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