Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands

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Prime Minister of Solomon Islands
Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands.svg
Coat of Arms of Solomon Islands
Manasseh Sogavare 2014.jpg
Manasseh Sogavare

since 9 December 2014
Residence Red House, Honiara
Appointer Frank Kabui
Term length No term limit
Inaugural holder Peter Kenilorea
Formation 7 July 1978
Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands.svg
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The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands is Solomon Islands' head of government, consequent on being the leader of the party or coalition with majority support in the National Parliament. Since 9 December 2014, the Prime Minister has been Manasseh Sogavare (elected as an independent MP[1]).[2]

Solomon Islands is a Commonwealth realm; the functions of the head of state are performed on behalf of the Sovereign by the Governor-General of Solomon Islands, who is nominated by Parliament.

The Prime Minister's official residence is Red House in Honiara.

List of Prime Ministers of Solomon Islands (1978–present)[edit]

Name Took office Left office Party
1 Peter Kenilorea
(1st time)
7 July 1978 31 August 1981 Solomon Islands United Party
2 Solomon Mamaloni
(1st time)
31 August 1981 19 November 1984 People's Alliance Party
Sir Peter Kenilorea
(2nd time)
19 November 1984 1 December 1986 Solomon Islands United Party
3 Ezekiel Alebua 1 December 1986 28 March 1989 Solomon Islands United Party
Solomon Mamaloni
(2nd time)
28 March 1989 18 June 1993 People's Alliance Party / Group for National Unity and Reconciliation
4 Sir Francis Billy Hilly 18 June 1993 7 November 1994 Non-Partisan / National Coalition Partnership
Solomon Mamaloni
(3rd time)
7 November 1994 27 August 1997 Group for National Unity and Reconciliation
5 Bartholomew Ulufa'alu 27 August 1997 30 June 2000 Solomon Islands Liberal PartySolomon Islands Alliance for Change
6 Manasseh Sogavare
(1st time)
30 June 2000 17 December 2001 People's Progressive Party
7 Sir Allan Kemakeza 17 December 2001 20 April 2006 People's Alliance Party
8 Snyder Rini 20 April 2006 4 May 2006 Association of Independent Members
Manasseh Sogavare
(2nd time)
4 May 2006 20 December 2007 Solomon Islands Social Credit Party
9 Derek Sikua 20 December 2007 25 August 2010 Solomon Islands Liberal Party
10 Danny Philip 25 August 2010 16 November 2011 Reform Democratic Party
11 Gordon Darcy Lilo 16 November 2011 9 December 2014 National Coalition for Reform and Advancement
Manasseh Sogavare
(3rd time)
9 December 2014 Incumbent Independent

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