Prime Number (short story collection)

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First edition
(publ. Berkley Books)

Prime Number published in 1970, is a collection of science fiction stories,[1] written by Harry Harrison.

  • "Mute Milton"
  • "The Greatest Car in the World"
  • "The Final Battle"
  • "The Powers of Observation"
  • "The Ghoul Squad"
  • "Toy Shop"
  • "You Men of Violence"
  • "The Finest Hunter in the World"
  • "Down to Earth"
  • "Commando Raid"
  • "Not Me, Not Amos Cabot!"
  • "The Secret of Stonehenge"
  • "Incident in the IND"
  • "If"
  • "Contact Man"
  • "The Pad: a Story of the Day After Tomorrow"
  • "A Civil Service Servant"
  • "A Criminal Act"
  • "Famous First Words"