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Prime Radio
Primeradio station.jpg
Wickramasinhapura, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
Type Government-owned corporation
Established 12 November 2009

Prime Radio is a FM radio station which broadcasts in Sri Lanka. The radio station is operated by Independent Television Network Limited, which is a state governed television and radio broadcaster in Sri Lanka.[1]

This radio network is a relaunch of the Radio One radio station of Sri Lanka, previously owned by Singer (Sri Lanka) Limited and Peoples Media Networks.[2] The station primarily broadcasts content in the English language.[3] The radio station commenced transmission on 12 November 2009.[3]


The radio station's programing is primarily music of various genres, including: Monique, Afternoon treat and Chat with Monique hosted by Monique, Classic Delights, Drive Thru, Mid Day Connections, Prime Breakfast, Prime Morning Music, Prime Night Music, Sunday Requests, Sunday Wakeup, That's Jazz, The Country Crowd, and The Night Cap.[4]

Frequency and coverage[edit]

The Prime Radio terrestrial coverage is limited to a few major cities in Sri Lanka at present. The station broadcasts on 104.5 FM in Colombo, 99.0 in Galle and 95.5 in Kandy and is also streamed on the station's website.[5] [6] [7]

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