Primera D Metropolitana

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Primera D Metropolitana
Founded1950; 69 years ago (1950) [1]
Country Argentina
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid5
Promotion toPrimera C Metropolitana
Relegation toDisaffiliation for one season
Current championsVictoriano Arenas
Most championshipsSportivo Barracas (4 titles)
TV partnersTyC Sports
WebsiteOfficlal webpage

The Primera D Metropolitana is one of two leagues that form the fifth division of the Argentine football league system. Made up of 16 clubs from the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area (Greater Buenos Aires), the league is the only that remains amateur.[2]

The other league at level five is the Torneo Federal C, where teams from regional leagues take part.


The winners of Primera D Metropolitana gain automatic promotion to Primera C. The club finishing in 2nd to 9th place behind enter a playoff series; the winner of which faces the club finishing second bottom in Primera C in a promotion/relegation playoff.

The team that finishes bottom of Primera D Metropolitana faces relegation. However, because Primera D Metropolitana is the lowest league in the Argentine football system relegation this means that the relegated team will not participate in the league system the following season.

Current teams (2018–19 season)[edit]

Club City Area Stadium
Argentino (M) Merlo Greater Buenos Aires Estadio del Argentino de Merlo
Argentino (R) Rosario Santa Fe Province José María Olaeta
Atlas General Rodríguez Buenos Aires Province Ricardo Puga
Cambaceres Ensenada Buenos Aires Province 12 de Octubre
Central Ballester José León Suárez Greater Buenos Aires (none)
Centro Español Villa Sarmiento Greater Buenos Aires (none)
Claypole Claypole Greater Buenos Aires Rodolfo Capocasa
Juventud Unida (SM) San Miguel Greater Buenos Aires Estadio Ciudad de San Miguel
Liniers Villegas Greater Buenos Aires Juan Antonio Arias
Lugano Tapiales Greater Buenos Aires José María Moraños
Muñiz Muñiz Greater Buenos Aires (none)
Deportivo Paraguayo Constitución Buenos Aires (none)
Puerto Nuevo Campana Buenos Aires Province Rubén Carlos Vallejos
Real Pilar Pilar Greater Buenos Aires Carlos Barraza
Yupanqui Villa Lugano Buenos Aires (none)


As precedents of the current league, there were tournaments disputed by youth divisions of some of the Primera División clubs, which took part from 1905 to 1926.

The first Primera D Metropolitana championship (under the name "Tercera de Ascenso") was held in 1950. The first champion was Liniers. In 1962 the tournament changed its name to "Primera de Aficionados", which lasted to 1974, when it was called "Primera D Metropolitana", which has remained to date.[3]

Since the restructuring of the league system in 1986, the division became the fifth category of Argentine football (lower than Primera División, Primera B Nacional, Primera B Metropolitana and Primera C).[4]

List of Champions[edit]

Season Champion
1950 Liniers
(Not held)
1952 Flandria
1953 Deportivo Riestra
1954 Sacachispas
1955 Deportivo Morón
1956 Almirante Brown
1957 Leandro N. Alem
1958 Deportivo Español
1959 Defensores de Cambaceres
1960 Sportivo Italiano
1961 Villa Dálmine
1962 Arsenal (S)
1963 Luján
1964 Arsenal (L)
1965 General Mitre (Sarandí) [b]
1966 Luz y Fuerza [c]
1967 Macabi [d]
1968 Ferrocarril Midland
1969 Defensores Unidos
1970 Defensores de Almagro
1971 Acassuso
1972 Deportivo Armenio
1973 Luján
1974 Barracas Central
1975 Tristán Suarez
1976 Defensores de Cambaceres
1977 General Lamadrid
1978 Piraña
1979 San Miguel
1980 Brown (A)
1981 Barracas Central
1982 Defensa y Justicia
1983 San Martín (B)
1984 Dock Sud
1985 Argentino (M)
1986–87 Muñiz
1987–88 Lugano
1988–89 Ferrocarril Midland
1989–90 Liniers
1990–91 Victoriano Arenas
1991–92 Deportivo Paraguayo
1992–93 Villa San Carlos
1994-95 J. J. de Urquiza
1995-96 Central Ballester
1996-97 Claypole
1997-98 Juventud Unida
1998–99 Argentino (M)
1999–00 Sacachispas
2000–01 Acassuso
2001–02 Villa San Carlos
2002–03 Sacachispas
2003–04 Sportivo Barracas
2004–05 Fénix
2005–06 Ituzaingó
2006–07 Leandro N. Alem
2007–08 Defensores Unidos
2008–09 Ferrocarril Midland
2009–10 UAI Urquiza
2010–11 Dock Sud
2011–12 Fénix
2012–13 Argentino (Q)
2013–14 Deportivo Riestra
(no champion crowned)
2015 Sportivo Barracas
2016 El Porvenir
2016–17 Ituzaingó
2017–18 Victoriano Arenas


  1. ^ A special tournament was played, where team from several categories competed together. The champion was Tiro Federal, promoting to Primera División B.
  2. ^ Affiliated to AFA in 1963, remaining in the Association until 1965.[5]
  3. ^ The football team from the "Luz y Fuerza" trade union was located in Villa Udaondo[6] and affiliated to AFA in 1964 under the name "Instituto Cultural y Deportivo Luz y Fuerza".[7]
  4. ^ The team from the Jewish organization of Argentina, got affiliated to AFA in 1953. The team disaffiliated in 1968, just one year after promoting to Primera C.[8]


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