Primera División de Fútbol Profesional Apertura 2007

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Primera División de Fútbol Profesional de El Salvador
Champions C.D. Luis Angel Firpo (8th title)
Relegated None
Top goalscorer El Salvador Williams Reyes (11)

The Apertura 2007 Primera División de Fútbol Profesional season is the since its establishment. The first fixtures of the season were played on August 11, 2007, and the season will end on 2007. A.D. Isidro Metapán are the defending Premiership champions, having won their First Premiership title . The first goalscorer of the season was, who scored an against Once Municipal.

Team Promoted[edit]

Nejapa F.C.


Stadium Team Capacity
Estadio Cuscatlán San Salvador F.C.
Estadio Cuscatlán Alianza F.C.
Estadio Nejapa Nejapa F.C.
Estadio Sergio Torres C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo
Estadio Simeón Magaña Once Municipal
Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza C.D. Águila
Estadio Luis Amílcar Moreno C.D. Vista Hermosa
Estadio José Gregorio Martínez C.D. Chalatenango
Estadio Jorge Calero Suárez A.D. Isidro Metapán
Estadio Oscar Quiteño C.D. FAS

Team Information[edit]

Personnel and sponsoring[edit]

Team Chairman Head Coach Kitmaker Shirt sponsor
Águila El Salvador El Salvador Luis Ramirez Zapata TBD TBD
Alianza El Salvador Argentina Pablo Centrone TBD TBD
C.D. Chalatenango El Salvador Serbia Vladan Vicevic
FAS El Salvador Reynaldo Valle El Salvador Nelson Mauricio Ancheta TBD TBD
Firpo El Salvador TBD Argentina Horacio Cordero TBD TBD
Isidro Metapan El Salvador El Salvador Edwin Portillo TBD TBD
Nejapa F.C. El Salvador El Salvador Carlos Antonio Melendez TBD TBD
Once Municipal El Salvador TBD Argentina Abel Moralejo TBD TBD
San Salvador F.C. El Salvador Marco Flores Uruguay Saul Rivero TBD TBD
C.D. Vista Hermosa El Salvador TBD Argentina Jorge Alberto Garcia TBD TBD

Managerial Changes[edit]

Before the season[edit]

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Replaced by Date of appointment Position in table
Firpo Argentina Hugo Coria TBD June 2007 Argentina Horacio Cordero June 2007
FAS Argentina Julio Asad TBD June 2007 El Salvador Nelson Mauricio Ancheta June 2007
Chalatenango Peru Agustin Castillo TBD June 2007 El Salvador Vladan Vicevic July 2007
Alianza F.C. Paraguay Nelson Brizuela TBD June 2007 Argentina Pablo Centrone July 2007
Once Municipal El Salvador Nelson Mauricio Ancheta TBD June 2007 Argentina Abel Moralejo August 2007

During the season[edit]

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Replaced by Date of appointment Position in table
Once Municipal Argentina Abel Moralejo TBD October 2007 Argentina Hugo Coria October 2007
San Salvador F.C. Uruguay Saul Rivero TBD October 2007 Colombia Henry Vanegas October 2007

Apertura 2007 Standings[edit]

Last updated April 5, 2008

Place Team Played Won Draw Lost Goals
+/- Points
1. C.D. Chalatenango 18 10 4 4 29 16 +13 34
2. C.D. FAS 18 9 3 6 27 21 +6 30
3. A.D. Isidro Metapán 18 8 5 5 31 24 +7 29
4. C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo 18 7 6 5 23 17 +6 27
5. C.D. Vista Hermosa 18 8 3 7 24 25 -1 27
6. C.D. Águila 18 7 4 7 23 20 +3 25
7. Alianza F.C. 18 6 6 6 26 28 -2 24
8. Nejapa F.C. 18 5 7 6 31 34 -3 22
9. San Salvador F.C. 16 3 6 9 20 35 -15 15
10. Once Municipal 18 4 2 12 8 22 -14 14

Round 1[edit]

Date Home Score Away Attendance
11 August 2007 A.D. Isidro Metapán 1:0 Once Municipal
11 August 2007 C.D. Vista Hermosa 2:1 Nejapa F.C.
12 August 2007 C.D. Chalatenango 1:0 C.D. Águila
12 August 2007 C.D. FAS 1:1 San Salvador F.C.
12 August 2007 Alianza F.C. 2:1 C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo

Round 2[edit]

Date Home Score Away Attendance
18 August 2007 C.D. Águila 1:0 C.D. Vista Hermosa
18 August 2007 Once Municipal 2:0 Alianza F.C.
19 August 2007 San Salvador F.C. 1:0 C.D. Chalatenango
19 August 2007 C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo 3:1 C.D. FAS
19 August 2007 Nejapa F.C. 4:1 A.D. Isidro Metapán

Round 3[edit]

Date Home Score Away Attendance
25 August 2007 C.D. Vista Hermosa 3:2 San Salvador F.C.
25 August 2007 A.D. Isidro Metapán 2:0 C.D. Águila
26 August 2007 Once Municipal 2:1 Nejapa F.C.
26 August 2007 C.D. Chalatenango 2:0 C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo
26 August 2007 Alianza F.C. 1:1 C.D. FAS

Round 4[edit]

Date Home Score Away Attendance
1 September 2007 San Salvador F.C. 2:2 A.D. Isidro Metapán
1 September 2007 C.D. Águila 2:0 Once Municipal
2 September 2007 C.D. FAS 0:1 C.D. Chalatenango
2 September 2007 Nejapa F.C. 2:2 Alianza F.C.
2 September 2007 C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo 2:0 C.D. Vista Hermosa

Semifinals 1st Leg[edit]

Semifinals 2nd Leg[edit]


GK El Salvador Juan José Gómez
DF El Salvador Emerson Veliz
DF El Salvador Mauricio Quintanilla
DF El Salvador Edwin Gonzalez
DF El Salvador Jorge Elenilson Sánchez
MF El Salvador Eduardo Campos YC 50' Substituted off
MF El Salvador Guillermo Morán
MF El Salvador Francisco Medrano YC 89'
MF Argentina Leonardo Pekarnik YC 29' Substituted off
FW Argentina Fernando Leguizamón Substituted off
FW Argentina Patricio Barroche
FW El Salvador Carlos Monteagudo YC 54' Substituted in
MF El Salvador Carlos Calderón Substituted in
MF Argentina Mario Costas Substituted in
Argentina Horacio Cordero
GK El Salvador Adolfo Menéndez
DF El Salvador Mardoqueo Henríquez
DF El Salvador Marvin Gonzalez YC 48'
DF El Salvador William Roberto Figueroa Substituted in
DF El Salvador Ramon Flores
DF El Salvador Óscar Jiménez
MF El Salvador Cristian Álvarez
MF El Salvador Víctor Merino Substituted in
MF El Salvador Alfredo Pacheco
FW Argentina Alejandro Bentos
FW Panama Orlando Rodríguez
DF El Salvador Emerson Umaña YC 51' Substituted in
FW El Salvador Víctor Fuentes Substituted in
FW El Salvador César Larios Substituted in
El Salvador Nelson Ancheta
Apetura Champions 2007
Luis Ángel Firpo
8th Title

C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo qualified for 2008–09 CONCACAF Champions League.

Top scorers[edit]

Pos. Nat. Player Team Goals
1 Honduras Williams Reyes A.D. Isidro Metapán 11
2 El Salvador Francisco Jovel Álvarez Alianza F.C. 11
3 Panama Nicolás Muñoz C.D. Águila 8
4 El Salvador Rudis Corrales C.D. Águila 6
4 Uruguay Paolo Suárez A.D. Isidro Metapán 6
5 El Salvador Eduardo José Retana Castro Alianza F.C. 5
5 Colombia Cristian Gil Mosquera Vista Hermosa 5

List of foreign players in the league[edit]

This is a list of foreign players in Apertura 2007. The following players:

  1. have played at least one apetura game for the respective club.
  2. have not been capped for the El Salvador national football team on any level, independently from the birthplace

A new rule was introduced this season that clubs can only have three foreign players per club and can only add a new player if there is an injury or player/s is released.

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