Primo Victoria

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Primo Victoria
Primo Victoria album cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 15, 2005 (original edition)
September 24, 2010 (Re-Armed edition)
RecordedAugust - November 2004, Abyss Studios, Sweden
GenrePower metal
LabelBlack Lodge Records
ProducerTommy Tägtgren
Sabaton chronology
Fist for Fight
Primo Victoria
Attero Dominatus

Primo Victoria (Latin, "Foremost, Victory")[1] is the debut studio album by Swedish power metal band Sabaton.

The band had previously recorded the full length album Metalizer with Italian label Underground Symphony, but due to conflicts its release was delayed until 2007.[2] Primo Victoria instead became Sabaton's debut album, recorded in 2004 in Abyss Studios, and released the following year with their new label, Black Lodge Records.[3]

In 2010 the album was re-released on German label Nuclear Blast, with six additional bonus tracks, under the name Primo Victoria Re-Armed.[4] The re-release reached 43rd place in the Swedish album charts.[5]

Lyrics theme[edit]

It was during the writing of Primo Victoria that Sabaton arrived at their since then ever-present use of song lyrics themed on war history. According to singer Joakim Brodén, he and bass player Pär Sundström had written the music for the title track, but were missing lyrics. Because they felt the song had a "big sound", they wanted a big subject, and chose the allied invasion of Normandy during World War II. Having to do some research on the historic events, they decided they liked the meaning that the subject added to the song, and decided to give the whole album a war history theme.[6][7]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Brodén.

1."Primo Victoria"Brodén, SundströmOperation Overlord4:10
2."Reign Of Terror"Brodén, SundströmSaddam Hussein and Operation Desert Storm3:51
3."Panzer Battalion"BrodénOperation Iraqi Freedom5:09
4."Wolfpack"BrodénWolfpack Hecht's attack on convoy ON 92 in the battle of the Atlantic5:55
5."Counterstrike"Brodén, SundströmThe Six-Day War3:48
6."Stalingrad"BrodénThe Battle of Stalingrad5:18
7."Into The Fire"Brodén, SundströmThe use of napalm in the Vietnam War3:25
8."Purple Heart"SundströmService members that were Wounded In Action and thus awarded the Purple Heart5:07
9."Metal Machine"BrodénA tribute to heavy metal4:22
Total length:41:05

Album line-up[edit]

  • Joakim Brodén – vocals and keyboard
  • Rickard Sundén – guitar and backing vocals
  • Oskar Montelius – guitar and backing vocals
  • Pär Sundström – bass guitar
  • Daniel Mullback – drums

"Second Battalion"[edit]

The band was commissioned by members of the Norwegian Army 2nd Battalion to make an alternative version of Panzer Battalion. The alternate version, called Second Battalion, differs only in that the lyric "Second Battalion" is sung in place of "panzer battalion".[8]


Cross-promotion with Wargaming[edit]

As part of Nuclear Blast's 30th anniversary, in 2017, Sabaton announced through their website that they were beginning a long-term collaboration with Wargaming. The band stated they often play World of Tanks between shows.[10] This collaboration resulted in the filming of a music video for the song "Primo Victoria", as well as the custom-painted Swedish Army Centurion tank featured in the video being made available for purchase in World of Tanks.[11]


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