December 2018 Primorsky Krai gubernatorial election

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December 2018 Primorsky Krai gubernatorial election

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  Oleg Kozhemyako 20150821 (cropped).jpg Andrey Andreychenko (
Candidate Oleg Kozhemyako Andrey Andreychenko
Party Independent LDPR
Popular vote 420,730 171,061
Percentage 61.88% 25.16%

December 2018 Primorsky Krai gubernatorial election map.svg
Municipal results

Acting Governor before election

Oleg Kozhemyako
United Russia

Elected Governor

Oleg Kozhemyako
United Russia

The Primorsky Krai gubernatorial recall election were held on 16 December 2018. Election was scheduled after the cancellation of the results of the elections held in September.[1]

Previous events[edit]

On 4 October 2017, Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky resigned, and Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Andrey Tarasenko as Acting Governor.[2][3]

Snap gubernatorial election were held on a Single Voting Day on 9 September 2018. In the first round of elections, none of the candidates was able to gain an absolute majority. To the second round, which was scheduled for 16 September, came the incumbent Acting Governor Andrey Tarasenko, nominated by the United Russia, and Andrey Ishchenko, nominated by the Communist Party.[4].

The second round of election caused a wide public response due to the conflict situation that arose when counting the votes cast for the candidates in the second round. In the process of receiving the results from the polling stations all the time with a margin of about 5% was in the lead Ishchenko (up to 95% of the processing protocols), but after processing more than 99% of the protocols was that more votes Tarasenko[5]. After that, the headquarters of both candidates accused each other of violations, and mass protests began.[6][7]

On 19 September, the Central Election Commission recommended invalidating the election results. According to the law, new election must be held no later than 16 December.[8]

On 26 September, President Vladimir Putin appointed Oleg Kozhemyako as Acting Governor instead of Andrey Tarasenko, who has filed a statement of resignation.[9]

On 16 October, at an extraordinary meeting of the regional Legislative Assembly, the deputies appointed the date of the new election for 16 December 2018.[10]

On 3 November, Communist party said that won't nominate the candidate, after all Andrey Ishchenko "actually won" in September election which official results were "forged" in favor of Andrey Tarasenko, and also from-for problems with passing of the "municipal filter" (collection of signatures of municipal deputies required to participate in the elections).[11][12] Nevertheless, Andrey Ishchenko submitted documents for participation in elections to the Regional Election Commission as the independent candidate.[13]


Registered candidates[edit]

Initially, 5 candidates were registered to participate in the elections, but on 10 December one candidate withdrew, thus 4 candidates participate in the election.[14][15]

Candidate Party Office
Andrey Andreychenko ( Andrey Andreychenko Liberal Democratic Party Member of the State Duma
Oleg Kozhemyako 20150821 (cropped).jpg Oleg Kozhemyako Independent Incumbent Acting Governor
Gray - replace this image female.svg Rosa Chemeris For Women of Russia Member of the Vladivostok City Duma
Gray - replace this image male.svg Alexey Timchenko Party of Growth Entrepreneur

Withdrawn candidates[edit]

Candidate Party Office Date of withdrawal
Gray - replace this image male.svg Igor Stepanenko Patriots of Russia Former Vice Governor 10 December 2018

Rejected candidates[edit]

Candidates running for Governor, but rejected by REC.[16]

Candidate Party Office
Viktor Vasiliev Independent Teacher
Andrey Ishchenko Independent Member of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai
Alexander Kovalenko Independent Entrepreneur
Oleg Mitvol The Greens Public figure
Pavel Mikhalchenkov Independent Leader of the political party "Against All"
Viktor Staritsyn Communist Party of Social Justice None

Other candidates who did not run[edit]

The individuals in this section have been the subject of speculation about their possible candidacy or expressed an interest in running for governor, but did not submit an application to the Regional Election Commission.

Opinion polls[edit]

Date Poll source Andrey Ishchenko Oleg Kozhemyako Steven Seagal Yulia Tolmachyova Andrey Andreychenko Alexey Kozitsky Oleg Mitvol Rosa Chemeris Igor Stepanenko Alexey Timchenko Undecided Abstention
30 November 2018 WCIOM 46% 10% 6% 5% 2% 22% 7%
18-20 October 2018 CIPKR 30% 22% 10% 6% 5% 3% 1% 13% 3%
9 September 2018 election result 24.63% 10.80% 9.27% 4.83%


e • d Summary of the 16 December 2018 Primorsky Krai gubernatorial election results
Candidate Party Votes %
Oleg Kozhemyako Independent 420,730 61.88
Andrey Andreychenko Liberal Democratic Party 171,061 25.16
Alexey Timchenko Party of Growth 35,126 5.17
Rosa Chemeris For Women of Russia 25,854 3.80
Valid votes 652,771 96.01
Blank ballots 27,095 3.99
Total 679,866 100.00
Turnout 679,866 46.35
Registered voters 1,467,211 100.00


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