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Leonard Nimoy's Primortals
Cover of first issue
Publication information
PublisherTekno Comix
Big Entertainment
Publication date1995–1997
No. of issues24
Creative team
Created byLeonard Nimoy, Isaac Asimov
Written byKate Worley, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Christopher Mills
Artist(s)Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro
Penciller(s)Scot Eaton
Inker(s)Mike Barreiro

Primortals (or typecased PriMortals) was a comic book series published by Tekno-Comix (later Big Entertainment) from 1995 to 1997. The characters and concept were created by actor Leonard Nimoy, who developed the idea for the series after visiting the SETI project. Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov was credited with providing additional concepts. The script of the debut issue of Primortals was credited to Kate Worley and Lawrence Watt-Evans with art by Scot Eaton and Mike Barreiro. Eaton and Barreiro illustrated the comic for most of its run, while the book was most often scripted by Christopher Mills and later James Chambers. In 1995, Rudy Rupak along with Quebecor Media created the world's first digital comic book using a "Choose A Perspective" view of the comics. The CD-ROM Comic was distributed by Sierra Entertainment.[1]


The comic's plot revolved around humanity's first contact with an alien intelligence called the Primortals. The series showed how, in ancient times, aliens called the Majae removed various species from Earth and raised them to sentience. Avitaur Zeerus, rebellious alien governor of Achernar Three, flees to Earth after being defeated by hostile alien forces. Public reaction to his arrival, and the warnings of alien invasion he gives, are depicted in the comic as ranging from ecstasy to paranoia.


Twenty-four regular issues of the comic were published (though numbering of the comic was restarted following issue number 15), as well as a two issue Origins miniseries and a standalone crossover, Teknophage vs. Zeerus. The final issue of the comic bore a cover date of February, 1997. A novelization written by Steve Perry was published in 1997. An interactive CD-ROM was released by Big Entertainment in 1996, allowing the reader to see the beginning of the story from 4 different points of view.


Tekno-Comix, volume 1
  1. "Escape to Earth"
  2. "Someone Is out There"
  3. "The Approaching Storm"
  4. "The Approaching Storm II" (no actual name written in the issue itself, but previous issue ends with "to be continued")
  5. "The Approaching Storm III" (no actual name written in the issue itself, but previous issue ends with "to be continued")
  6. "Day of Descent"
  7. "Homecoming"
  8. "Armed Response"
  9. "Alien Attacked by Terrorists"
  10. "Official Denial"
  11. "Illegal Aliens"
  12. "Illegal Aliens II" (no actual name written in the issue itself, but previous issue ends with "to be continued")
  13. "Cross Country"
  14. "Cross Country II"
  15. "Cross Country III"
Big Entertainment, volume 2
  1. "Cross Country: World in Flames"
  2. "Camera Eye's View"
  3. "There Shall Come a Fleet"
  4. "Scorched Earth"
  5. "Prophecy Fever"
  6. "Prophecy's End"
  7. "Prophecy's End II"
  8. "Rites"
  9. "Ashes of the Past"

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