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The Primrose Hill set is a name often applied to a group of British film and television actors who achieved celebrity in the mid-1990s. The term grew in use in the British media to identify the group as socially homogeneous and also as a convenient label similar to the Young British Artists and Britpop labels of the same period. Many of the group's members appeared with each other in film and television productions in the mid-nineties and later cast each other in their own productions.

The group was named after Primrose Hill in North London. The core members of the group had lived close to each other as young actors in that area, as well as in neighbouring Belsize Park and Hampstead; the social focus for the group was really the Notting Hill area.

Core members[edit]

Frost and Law later married. Frost, Law, Pertwee and Miller set up their own production company "Natural Nylon" that made feature films starring many members of the original set. Although he had no locational ties to the group, Robert Carlyle has also consistently appeared alongside the Primrose Hill actors and has come to be synonymous with this era of British cinema.


Films generally thought of as fitting into the Primrose Hill set include: