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Primus is the name of three characters in Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

Arnim Zola's Primus first appeared in Captain America #209 and was created by Jack Kirby.

The alien Primus first appeared in Marvel Spotlight vol. 2 #4 and was created by Archie Goodwin and Steve Ditko.

The Flb'Dbi version of Primus first appeared in Fantastic Four #221 and was created by John Byrne.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Arnim Zola's Primus[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Captain America #209 (May 1977)
Created by Jack Kirby
In-story information
Species Android
Team affiliations Thunderbolts
Notable aliases Steve Rogers
Abilities Shapeshifting

The first Primus is a shapeshifting bio-android, an artificial humanoid created by the mad scientist named Arnim Zola. Primus thinks independently, and has superhuman strength and can harden his body to stone-like consistency. He can also alter his shape, so as to resemble a specific human being exactly. Arnim Zola caused Primus to merge with Doughboy, which was another of his creations, and which could assume unusual shapes.[volume & issue needed] Primus can now turn himself into Doughboy and retain mental control of Doughboy while in the latter's form.[volume & issue needed]

Primus has been a foe of Captain America,[volume & issue needed] and the New Warriors,[volume & issue needed] and an ally of the Mad Thinker.[volume & issue needed]

Alien Primus[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Marvel Spotlight vol. 2, #4 (January 1980)
Created by Archie Goodwin
Steve Ditko
In-story information
Alter ego Primus
Abilities Transformation into living shadow

Being born to alien parents of the planet Archko, Primus spent most of his childhood life living there. At one point in his life, he got attacked by the Screamers who killed his parents and wife Stara. Primus was revealed to have trained in the use of shadow powers originating from the Shadow Realm. He fled to Earth where he was found by the first Captain Marvel.[volume & issue needed] Together they defeated the evil Screamers, and Mar-Vell offered to help Primus get his life back in order, but Primus preferred to live alone.[1] What became of him next is unknown as Primus wasn't seen since.

Flb'Dbi's Primus[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Fantastic Four #221 (August 1980)
Created by John Byrne
In-story information
Species Flb'Dbi
Abilities Telepathy

Primus led an exploratory colonization for the Flb'Dbi race which arrived on Earth over half a million years ago. After some time on Earth, a bizarre phenomenon had occurred where the magnetic poles on Earth were reversed rendering the Flb'Dbi's technonology inoperative. This meant that the Flb'Dbi would not be able to leave Earth until the polarity was restored. While the drones of the Flb'Dbi worked to find a way to restore the polarity, Primus and the rest of the Flb'Dbi placed themselves into a deep hypno-sleep to avoid boredom. 500,000 years later, the drones finally found a way to fix the polarity. Upon awakening from their hypno-sleep, Primus and the Flb'Dbi had no idea what happened with Earth while they were sleeping. The Flb'Dbi then programmed their drones to construct a tower to accomplish the polarity reversal which started to have untowed effects on the Earth. Mister Fantastic was unable to track the phenomena, but theorized that it was the result of the polar disruption. With his Fantastic Four teammates Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing, Mister Fantastic headed to the North Pole. The Fantastic Four arrives in time to see a tower burst from the surface of the Flb'Dbi's polarity device. While Mister Fantastic, Human Torch, and Thing fought the Flb'Dbi's drones upon entering the polarity device, Invisible Woman encountered Primus and the Flb'Dbi where she learned of their story. Invisible Woman told them about the progress that Earth made. Not wanting to harm Earth's inhabitants, Primus deactivated the Polarity Towers which returned Earth to normal and then called off the drones that were fighting the Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic then works to enable the Flb'Dbi's technology to adapt to Earth and function in its polarity. Once this was done, Primus and the Flb'Dbi boarded their ship and left Earth while Thing shattered the Polarity Towers so that nobody can use them for their own purposes.[2]


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