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Primus Power

Primus Power is a producer of sustainable liquid batteries used for energy storage on the electric grid. The venture backed company is based in Hayward, California and has developed a zinc based flow battery, called the EnergyPod, with support from the Department of Energy. The EnergyPod is similar in size to a hot water heater; an array of 14 are placed within a standard size shipping container to be placed on site next to the electric grid or renewable energy farm.[1][2][3][4] Primus is developing projects for Puget Sound Energy and Bonneville Power Administration and The Marine Corps Airstation in Miramar, California.[5][6][7]

The company has raised more than $40 million in venture funds and government backed grants and is beginning to manufacture systems for customers. The Company's energy storage systems decouple instantaneous electricity demand from supply generation, bolstering the stability and security of the electric grid, and helping accelerate the penetration of wind and solar energy. The company has numerous patents in chemistry, cell design, and system engineering, which make the energy density greater while improving reliability and life span thus enhancing the price /performance.[8]


9. Primus Gets A $20M Jolt for Energy Storage

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