Princ Bajaja

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Princ Bajaja
Princ Bajaja
Directed by Antonín Kachlík
Produced by Eliška Nejedlá
Screenplay by
Story by Božena Němcová
Based on Prince Bajaja
by Božena Němcová
Music by Vladimír Sommer
Edited by Jaromír Janáček
Release date
  • December 17, 1971 (1971-12-17) (Czechoslovakia)
Running time
81 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

Princ Bajaja is a 1971 Czechoslovak fantasy film based on the fairy tale Prince Bajaja by Božena Němcová and directed by Antonín Kachlík.


After the death of his parents, the young Prince Bajaja sets out to find his fortune. On his journey, he rescues an enchanted horse, who later comes to his aid. Disguised as a mute gardener, he gets acquainted with Princess Slavěna, who is to be sacrificed to a three-headed dragon on her 18th birthday. Her father, the king, is looking for a suitor for the princess, but no one is prepared to fight the dragon, except Bajaja, who receives magical armor from the enchanted horse. Although hurt, Bajaja defeats the dragon, but an evil knight takes credit for the deed.

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