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Original Prince's Building c. 1945, built 1904 and demolished 1963
2nd Prince's Building (1965) viewing from a tram
Interior of Prince's Building (2011)
Interior of Prince's Building (2008)
The Chanel flagship store at Prince's Building

The Prince's Building (Chinese: 太子大廈; Jyutping: taai3 zi2 daai6 haa6) is an office tower and shopping centre located along the western side of the southern section of Statue Square in Central, Hong Kong. There have been two successive buildings with the same name at the same location.

First generation[edit]

The first Prince's Building was a four-storey Renaissance architecture building in 1904 on land created from the Chater reclamation,[1] located directly south of Queen's Building, completed in 1899. The building was designed by Leigh & Orange[2] and had similarities with the Hong Kong Club Building built in 1897. It was replaced by the present building in 1965.[3]

The first building housed several bank and law firm offices including:

Second generation[edit]

In 1963 the first building was demolished to make way for the current Prince's Building. It was designed by architecture firm Palmer & Turner. The 29 floor complex is an office and retail complex and is owned by Hongkong Land. It is famous for smaller upmarket boutique style shops. Tenants of the office tower include Mayer Brown JSM, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The complex borders Statue Square, which it surrounds together with Hong Kong Club Building, Old Supreme Court Building, Mandarin Oriental (former site of Queen's Building) and HSBC Main Building.

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