Prince (cigarette)

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Prince Rich Taste.JPG
A pack of Prince Rich Taste cigarettes with a Swedish text warning that says "Smoking kills"
Product type Cigarette
Produced by House of Prince A/S
British American Tobacco
Country Denmark
Introduced 1957; 60 years ago (1957)

Prince is a cigarette brand owned by House of Prince A/S which is owned by British American Tobacco.

Introduced in 1957 by Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker in Denmark, today it approximately has a 34% market share in Denmark.[citation needed] In Norway, Prince enjoys a market share of around 42%.[citation needed]

It was introduced in 1961 in Sweden, 1967 in Norway, 1972 in the Northern part of West Germany and from 1986 in the entirety of Germany.

Today Prince is available in over 40 countries.

Comes in both flip-top box and soft pack.

Variants of the Prince brand[edit]

  • Prince Rich Taste (formerly Prince Full Flavour, introduced 1957)
  • Prince Rounded Taste (formerly Prince Lights, seni s.. senede)
  • Prince Rich Taste 100 (formerly Prince Full Flavour 100, introduced 1985)
  • Prince Rounded Taste 100 (formerly Prince Lights 100, introduced 1988)
  • Prince Menthol Taste (formerly Prince Lights Menthol, introduced 1990)
  • Prince Golden Taste (formerly Prince Ultra Lights, introduced 1990)
  • Prince Golden Taste 100 (formerly Prince Lights 100, introduced 1995)
  • Prince Smooth Taste (formerly Prince Extra Ultra, introduced 1999)
  • Prince Mellow Taste (formerly Prince Medium)
  • Prince Highland Taste : Introduced in 2006
  • Prince Indian Summer : Introduced in late 2007/early 2008
  • Prince First Cut : Introduced in late 2007/early 2008