Prince Adolf of Auersperg

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Adolf Fürst von Auersperg
Adolf Carl Daniel Auersperg.jpg
Prince Adolf of Auersperg by Adolf Dauthage
8th Minister-President of Cisleithania
In office
28 November 1871 – 15 February 1879
Monarch Francis Joseph I
Preceded by Ludwig Feirherr von Holzgethan
Succeeded by Karl Ritter von Stremayr
Personal details
Born (1821-07-21)21 July 1821
Vlašim, Bohemia, Austrian Empire
Died 5 January 1885(1885-01-05) (aged 63)
Goldegg Castle, Neidling, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
Spouse(s) Baroness Johanna Aloysia Mladota von Solopisk
Countess Johanna Festétics de Tólna

Prince Adolf Wilhelm Daniel von Auersperg (1821, Vlašim - January 5, 1885, Schloss Goldegg, Neidling) was an Austro-Bohemian statesman.


He served in the Army from 1841 to 1860 and attained the rank of major of dragoons in the regiment of Prince Eugene. In 1867 he entered political life as a member of the Bohemian Diet, being elected by the Liberal land proprietors, and in 1868 became a member for life of the upper chamber of the Austrian Reichsrat. He was governor of Salzburg from 1870 to 1871, and proved in that position, as well as in his subsequent political life, a staunch supporter of the constitution.

From 1871 to 1879, he was head of the Austrian ministry as the 8th Minister-President of Cisleithania. Therefore, he succeeded in carrying out the electoral reform of the Empire, securing direct elections to the lower chamber of the Reichsrat, and in strengthening the political entente with Hungary.


He was the son of Prince Wilhelm of Auersperg (1781–1827), Duke of Gottschee, and Friederike Luise Henriette (née von Lenthe; 1791–1860). His brother Prince Karl of Auersperg was also head of the Austrian ministry (1867–68). His other siblings were Aglaja (1812–1899), Wilhelmine (1813–1886), Alexander (1818–1866) and Leopoldine (1820–1821). Adolf was married twice:

  • the first time (1845) with Baroness Johanna Aloysia Mladota von Solopisk (1820–1849);
  • the second time (1857) with Countess Johanna Festetics de Tolna (1830–1884), daughter of Ernõ János Vilmos von Festetics. This second marriage produced a son:
    • Karl (1859–1927), who became the 9th prince of Auersperg. Karl married in 1885 Countess Eleonore Breunner-Enkevoirth (1864–1920), daughter of Count August Breunner-Enkevoirth. They had five children:
      • Prince Adolf von Auersperg (1886–1923), married (1914) to Countess Gabrielle von Clam und Gallas (their son, Karl-Adolf, 10th Prince of Auersperg, married Countess Feodore of Solms-Baruth, daughter of Princess Adelaide of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and her husband, and had issue)
      • Princess Agathe von Auersperg (1888–1973), married (1913) to Alexander von Schönburg-Hartenstein
      • Princess Johanna von Auersperg (1890–1967), married (1917) to Rudolf of Meran, son of Count Franz of Meran
      • Princess Eleonore von Auersperg (1892–1967), married (1919) to Erwin Wallner
      • Prince Karl von Auersperg-Breunner (1895–1980), married (1927) to Henriette von Meran

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