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The Prince Albert Fund is a Belgian non-profit organization (fund) managed by the King Baudouin Foundation which provides a scholarship to young Belgian professionals to give them the opportunity to carry out abroad (part of) a project in international business development.


The Fund was created in 1984 by the Federation of Belgian Enterprises and by the King Baudouin Foundation on the occasion of the 50th birthday of His Royal Highness Prince Albert, later to become the sixth King of the Belgians. The Fund’s aim was to embody the vision of a group of captains of industries to promote Belgian business abroad.

Since its creation, the Prince Albert Fund has enabled over 400 young Belgian professionals to develop skills and gain experience in international business and helped over 170 Belgian companies promote their products and services outside Europe.

In 2014 Chris Burggraeve was nominated President of the Management Committee of the Fund, succeeding Julien De Wilde.

On 2 April 2015, the Prince Albert Fund celebrated its 30th anniversary. At this occasion His Royal Highness King Albert handed over the reins of the fund to his daughter Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid.

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