Prince Albert of Saxony (1875–1900)

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Prince Albert
Bild 2 Prinz Albert.jpg
Born (1875-02-25)25 February 1875
Died 16 September 1900(1900-09-16) (aged 25)
Full name
Albert Karl Anton Ludwig Wilhelm Viktor
House Wettin
Father George of Saxony
Mother Maria Anna of Portugal

Prince Albert Karl Anton Ludwig Wilhelm Viktor of Saxony (25 February 1875 in Dresden – 16 September 1900 in Schönwölkau) was a Saxon prince from the House of Wettin. He was the youngest son of King George and his consort, Maria Anna of Portugal.

He died on 16 September 1900 in a traffic accident. A phaeton driven by Prince Miguel of Braganza hit Albert's carriage so violently that the carriage overturned into a ditch. Albert died from his wounds a few hours later. There were rumours that Miguel had done this on purpose,[1] but this was never proven.[2] Because it could not be determined whether this was an accident or intentional, Miguel escaped a court martial. However, he had to resign from his army post and leave the country.[3]


  1. ^ Prince Miguel was a member of the exiled Braganza's legitimist branch, while Prince Albert's mother (Queen Maria Anna) belonged to the rival Coburg-Braganza branch which ruled Portugal
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