Prince Alfred's Guard

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Prince Alfred's Guard
SANDF Prince Alfreds Guards shoulder emblem.png
SANDF Prince Alfreds Guards emblem
Active 19 September 1856 to present
Country  South Africa
Type Light Infantry
Size One battalion
Part of South African Infantry Formation
Army Conventional Reserve
Garrison/HQ Port Elizabeth
Motto(s) Fidelis et Fortis
(Faithful and Brave)
Anniversaries 19 September (Regimental Day)
Equipment Eland Mk7 (formerly)
Engagements South African Border War
Battle honours
Lt Col Cyril Masangwana
Company level Inisgnia SA Army Company Insignia.png
SA Motorised Infantry beret bar circa 1992
SA Motorised Infantry beret bar

Prince Alfred's Guard (PAG) is an infantry regiment of the South African Army. As a reserve unit, it has a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or United States Army National Guard unit. The Regiment is located in the city of Port Elizabeth.


Prince Alfred's Guard was established on 19 September 1856[1] as the Port Elizabeth Volunteer Rifle Corps.[2] In 1860 the title Prince Alfred's Guard was assumed unofficially (after Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh) and on 11 July 1874 this name was officially sanctioned as Prince Alfred's Volunteer Guard. The name was later changed to Prince Alfred's Guard.

Xhosa Wars[edit]

The Regiment first saw action on 2 December 1877, against the Gcaleka tribesmen in the Battle of Umzintzani during the Ninth Xhosa War. The next conflict that the PAG participated in was the Basutoland Campaign of 1880 to 1881, during which a 500-metre bayonet charge by the Regiment which led to the capture of the village of Lerotholi, an enemy village. The Regiment also took part in the Bechuanaland Campaign of 1897.[3]

Anglo Boer War[edit]

The Regiment also served in the Second Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902 - as mounted infantry - and took part in campaigns in the Orange Free State and the South African Republic.

World War One[edit]

Members of the PAG volunteered for service in World War I, but there was dissension in the ranks after a long deployment on sentry duty in Cape Town. As a result, the contingent was disbanded and most of its members saw active service during the war in other South African units.

Union Defence Force[edit]

In 1913 the regiment was redesignated the 3rd Infantry Regiment (Prince Alfred's Guard) of the Active Citizen Force of the Union Defence Force, but regained its former name in 1934.

World War Two[edit]

During World War II, the regiment first served as link battalion for the 2nd Brigade, South African Infantry in North Africa, sending drafts of men to the fighting units, among which many went to the Field Force Battalion. The PAG was subsequently converted to an armoured unit and saw further active service with the 11th South African Armoured Brigade,[4] South African 6th Armoured Division[4] in Italy as a tank unit.

Bush War and Namibia[edit]

Re-equipped with Eland-90 armoured cars in the postwar period, the PAG also took part in several skirmishes during subsequent border conflicts in Angola and South-West Africa (Namibia).

Regimental Symbols[edit]

Prince Alfred's Guard Drill Hall
  • The Prince Alfred's Guard Museum in Port Elizabeth houses military exhibits in the Regiment's Victorian Drill Hall (built in 1880). It is a national monument and one of the finest surviving examples of its type.


Previous Dress Insignia[edit]

Prince Alfreds Guards beret badge first type 
Prince Alfreds Guards beret badge second type 
SADF era Prince Alfreds Guard shoulder title 


Battle honours[edit]


From Honorary Colonels To
10 August 1928 Colonel T.A. Bromilow-Downing VD 27 August 1931
11 April 1947 Colonel J.R. Reis VD 19 April 1951
29 December 1954 Colonel W.E. Hawkins ED n.d.
From Commanding Officers To
1856 Colonel J.M. Hill 1857
1857 Colonel A.J. Clairmonte 1857
n.d. Colonel A. Ogilvie 1860
1861 Colonel A.C. Wylde 1865
1865 Captain W. Fleming 1865
1874 Colonel A.C. Wylde 1876
1876 Major G.R. Deare 1888
1888 Lt Col. G. Gordon 1898
1898 Major G.C. Clark CMG VD 1899
1899 Lt Col. H.W. Court VD 10 April 1915
10 April 1915 Lt Col. J.N. Neylan DSO 01 November 1915
01 November 1915 Lt Col. A.P.J. Wares VD 31 May 1925
01 June 1925 Lt Col. Whitehead DSO 06 January 1926
*Frank Perridge H06 January 1916 Lt Col. F.L.A. Buchanan MC VD 30 June 1930
01 July 1935 Lt Col. J.L. Reis VD 13 September 1942
14 September Lt Col. H.A. Olsen DSO ED 11 December 1945
05 February 1946 Lt Col. W.E. Hawkins ED 30 June 1952
01 July 1952 Commandant G.M. Human 30 April 1955
01 May 1955 Commandant J.N. Erasmus JCD 01 January 1959
01 January 1959 Commandant I.F. Nel SM JCD n.d.
From Regimental Sergeants Major To

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  • Frank Perridge. HISTORY OF THE PRINCE ALBERT'S GUARD. E.H. Walton, Port Elizabeth 1939.


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