Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia

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Prince Augustus Ferdinand
Spouse Elisabeth of Brandenburg-Schwedt
Issue Princess Friederike of Prussia
Prince Friedrich Heinrich of Prussia
Louise, Princess Radziwiłł
Prince Heinrich of Prussia
Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia
Prince Friedrich Paul of Prussia
Prince Augustus of Prussia
House House of Hohenzollern
Father Frederick William I of Prussia
Mother Sophia Dorothea of Hanover
Born (1730-05-23)23 May 1730
Died 2 May 1813(1813-05-02) (aged 82)
Prussian Royalty
House of Hohenzollern
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Königreich Preussen (Grosses).png
Frederick William I
   Frederick Louis, Prince of Orange
   Wilhelmine, Margravine of Bayreuth
   Friedrich William, Prince of Orange
   Princess Charlotte Albertine
   Frederick II
   Friederike Luise, Margravine of Ansbach
   Philippine Charlotte, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
   Prince Ludwig Karl Wilhelm
   Sophia Dorothea, Margravine of Schwedt
   Louisa Ulrika, Queen of Sweden
   Prince Augustus William
   Anna Amalie, Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg
   Prince Henry
   Prince Augustus Ferdinand

Prince August Ferdinand of Prussia (German: August Ferdinand von Preußen; 23 May 1730, Berlin – 2 May 1813, Berlin) was a Prussian Prince and general, and Herrenmeister ("Master of the Knights") of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg of the Order of Saint John. He belonged to the House of Hohenzollern, and was the youngest son of Frederick William I of Prussia by his wife Queen Sophia Dorothea.


Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia
Apotheosis of Prince Augustus Ferdinand (1779) by Anna Dorothea Therbusch, Royal Castle in Warsaw

He was the youngest child of King Frederick William I of Prussia and his wife Sophia Dorothea of Hanover.[1] He was also a younger brother of King Frederick the Great (Frederick II of Prussia), Queen Louisa Ulrika of Sweden, and Wilhelmine Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.

Already at the age of 5, he joined the Infantry regiment „Kronprinz“. In 1740, his brother named him commander of Infantry regiment Nr 34. In 1756, he became Major General and accompanied his brother the King on his campaigns in Saxony, Bohemia and Silesia. He fought in the Battle of Breslau and the Battle of Leuthen. But in 1758, bad health forced him to leave the army.

On September 12, 1763, Ferdinand was elected as Master of the Knights of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg of the Order of Saint John, a post he held until 1812.

Ferdinand is also remembered for having the Schloss Bellevue in the Berliner Tiergarten built.

Marriage and children[edit]

He married his niece, Margravine Elisabeth Louise of Brandenburg-Schwedt, on 27 September 1755.[2] She was a daughter of his older sister Sophia Dorothea and her husband Margrave Frederick William of Brandenburg-Schwedt. Despite this family tie, she was only eight years younger than he.

They had seven children:

Augustus died in Berlin on 2 May 1813. Elisabeth Louise would die seven years later, on 10 February 1820.



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Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia
Born: 23 May 1730 Died: 2 May 1813
Preceded by
Karl, Prinz in Preußen, Markgraf zu Brandenburg
Herrenmeister (Grand Master) of the Order of Saint John
Succeeded by
Friedrich Carl Alexander, Prinz von Preußen