Prince Charles Louis, Duke of Chartres

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Prince Charles Louis
Duke of Chartres
Charles-Louis d'Orléans, duc de Chartres.JPG
Prince Charles Louis in 2015
Born (1972-07-28) 28 July 1972 (age 47)
Neuilly, Paris, France
Iléana Manos (m. 1997)
IssuePrince Philippe
Princess Louise
Princess Hélène
Prince Constantin
Princess Isabelle
Full name
Charles Louis Henri Foulques Benoît Elzéar Jean Marie d'Orléans
FatherPrince Jacques, Duke of Orléans
MotherGersende de Sabran-Pontevès
ReligionRoman Catholic
French royal family
Coat of Arms of the July Monarchy (1830-31).svg

Prince Charles Louis of Orléans, Duke of Chartres (Charles Louis Henri Foulques Benoît Elzéar Jean Marie; born 28 July 1972) is the elder son of Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans and Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès.


Prince Charles Louis of Orléans was born in Neuilly, outside Paris.[1] He is a member of the House of Orléans, which is a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon. As such, he holds the hereditary title of "Prince of Orléans".

His paternal grandfather was the late Henri, Count of Paris, who was the Orleanist claimant to the French throne with the title of Henri VI. As such, Charles Louis would have the status of Petit-Fils de France, with the style of Royal Highness. As his father is known as the Duke of Orléans, Charles Louis is known as the Duke of Chartres, the title traditionally given to the eldest son of the Duke of Orléans. He is the middle of three children, his elder sister being Princess Diane, Viscountess of Noailles, and his younger brother being Prince Foulques, Duke of Aumale.

Marriage and issue[edit]

He married Iléana Manos, who is the daughter of Konstantinos Manos (born 1937) and Sybilla Chrissoveloni (born 1942), on 21 June 1997 in Paris, France, in a civil marriage. They were married in a religious ceremony on 28 June 1997 in Skiathos. Ileana Manos[2] descends from the Sutzu Phanariot rulers of Principality of Valachia, and from Constantinoplean, Greek, Romanian, and Vlach noble or boyar families such as Manos, Caragea, Argyropoulos, Soutzos, Ruzet-Roznoveanu, Mavrocordatos, Mavromichalis beys of Mani peninsula, Benakis of Kalamata, Cantacuzino; Ghika; Bogdan-Mushat, monarchs of Moldavia, Calmasul (Callimachi), and Racovitza. Ileana is the granddaughter of a first cousin of Princess Aspasia Manos, who was the consort of King Alexander of Greece, and grandmother of Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia.

The couple has five children:

  • Prince Philippe Jacques Nicolas of Orléans (born 3 November 1998)
  • Princess Louise Marie Isabelle of Orléans (born 6 December 1999)
  • Princess Hélène Sybille Irène of Orléans (born 24 January 2001)
  • Prince Constantin Foulques Alexandre of Orléans (born 15 February 2003)
  • Princess Isabelle Roxane Christine of Orléans (born 12 May 2005)


  • Blazon : Azure, three fleurs de lys or, a label gules
  • Coronet : of a fils de France
  • Supporters : two angels



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Prince Charles Louis, Duke of Chartres
Cadet branch of the House of Bourbon
Born: 28 July 1972
Preceded by
Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans
Line of succession to the French throne (Orléanist)
6th position
Succeeded by
Prince Philippe
Preceded by
Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans
Line of succession to the French throne (Legitimist)
88th position
Succeeded by
Prince Philippe