Prince Edward Island general election, 1904

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Prince Edward Island general election, 1904
Prince Edward Island
1900 ←
December 7, 1904 (1904-12-07) → 1908
outgoing members ← → members

All 30 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island
16 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Arthur Peters.jpg John Mathieson.jpg
Leader Arthur Peters John A. Mathieson
Party Liberal Conservative
Leader since 1901 1903
Leader's seat 2nd Kings 5th Kings
Last election 21 seats, 53.5% 9 seats, 46.5%
Seats won 22 8
Seat change +1 -1
Popular vote 17,011 14,427
Percentage 54.1% 45.9%
Swing +0.6pp -0.6pp

Premier before election

Arthur Peters


Arthur Peters

The 35th Prince Edward Island general election was held in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island on December 7, 1904.[1]

The election was won by the governing Liberals, led by incumbent Premier Arthur Peters. Peters' own election in the district of 2nd Kings was almost in doubt, due to a tie vote of 515 votes each for him and his Conservative opponent; following a judicial recount, a by-election was held where Peters was acclaimed as the district's Assemblyman.

Peters died in January 1908, and was succeeded as Premier by Francis Haszard.

The opposition Conservatives, led by John A. Mathieson, lost one seat.

Party Standings[edit]

Party Party Leader Seats Popular Vote
1900 Elected # %
     Liberal Arthur Peters 21 22 17,011 54.1%
     Conservative John A. Mathieson 9 8 14,427 45.9%

Members Elected[edit]

The Legislature of Prince Edward Island had two levels of membership from 1893 to 1996 - Assemblymen and Councillors. This was a holdover from when the Island had a bicameral legislature, the General Assembly and the Legislative Council.

In 1893, the Legislative Council was abolished and had its membership merged with the Assembly, though the two titles remained separate and were elected by different electoral franchises. Assembleymen were elected by all eligible voters of within a district, while Councillors were only elected by landowners within a district.[2]


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Kings     Austin L. Fraser Conservative     John Kickham Conservative
2nd Kings     Arthur Peters [3] Liberal     James McInnis Liberal
3rd Kings     Walter A. O. Morson Conservative     Patrick D. Bowlen Liberal
4th Kings     Albert P. Prowse Conservative     Murdock MacKinnon Conservative
5th Kings     Archibald J. MacDonald Conservative     John Alexander Mathieson Conservative


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Prince     Benjamin Gallant Liberal     John Agnew Liberal
2nd Prince     James W. Richards Liberal     Alfred McWilliams Liberal
3rd Prince     Joseph F. H. Arsenault Liberal     Peter MacNutt Liberal
4th Prince     Samuel E. Reid Liberal    
Joseph Read Liberal
5th Prince     John M. Clarke Liberal     George Godkin Liberal


District Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
1st Queens     Matthew Smith Liberal     George Simpson Liberal
2nd Queens     Albert E. Douglas Liberal     John McMillan Liberal
3rd Queens     Leonard Wood Conservative     James H. Cummiskey Liberal
4th Queens     David P. Irving Liberal     Francis L. Haszard Liberal
5th Queens     James Warburton Liberal     George E. Hughes Liberal


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  3. ^ Peters tied with Harry D. MacLean for votes in 1904; he was elected by acclamation in 1905