Prince Edward Island general election, 1989

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Results of the 1993 PEI general election.

The 1989 Prince Edward Island general election which was held on May 29, 1989, saw a huge victory for Premier Joe Ghiz's Liberal Party. In this election, the Liberals won 60.7% of the popular vote, the highest percentage that a winning party has taken on record in Prince Edward Island. The Progressive Conservatives were able to win 2 seats despite taking their lowest share of the vote ever, 35.8%. Only 5 times has the Opposition had 2 or fewer seats in the history of Prince Edward Island; this was one of them.

1989 Prince Edward Island Election Results
Party Leader Results
Seats % of votes cast
Liberal Joe Ghiz 30 60.7%
Progressive Conservative Mel Gass 2 35.8%
New Democratic Jim Mayne 0 3.5%
Independents 0 0.0%
Total 32 100.0%