Prince Edwards Park, Lalomalava

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Prince Edwards Park is the home ground for Savaii Samoa Rugby Union Team. It also holds small events such as Samoa AFL, Cricket and Soccer, but Rugby is generally played in this Park. The State Park is located in a small town called Lalomalava, which is a 5-10 minute drive on the eastern end of the State Capital, Salelologa in Savai'i, Samoa.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you might see Manu Samoa training on these Grounds.


The Park is named after Prince Edward of York, who in the early 1900s visited Savai'i and opened this park; which at the time was just a field.

There is no Seating Stands in the Park. However, there is a complimentary shading area provided by whoever hosts the matches played at this Park. There is 2 small changing rooms, a meeting area for the playing teams and there is a few Fale scattered on the outskirts of the Park. In 2007, it has been recorded that the park can hold around 5,000 people. Night Games cannot be played here in this Park, since there is no Floodlights provided.

There is also a Training Field on the northern end of the Park. Beach Volleyball is also played in the little Beach Volleyball Court, alongside the Training Field. The Beach Volleyball Court is used for the Public and the Savai'ian State Volleyball Team to use.

A new cricket net provided by Cricket Samoa has also been added towards the preparations in the 2007 Asia/Oceania ICC Qualifications.

2007 Pacific Rugby Cup[edit]

Prince Edwards Park was chosen to host a few Rugby Union games for the 2007 Pacific Rugby Cup. The match between Samoa Savai'i and Tonga Tau'uta Reds was nail biting, but at the end the visitors lost against the strong Savai'ian Side (25-12)

This was a great opportunity for Sports in Savai'i, since they hosted their first International Match at their State Park. Approximately 5,000 spectators filled the Park.

Future Refurbishments[edit]

It has been told that this Park will undergo refurbishment in 2008. Prince Edwards Park will be renowned as the 2nd Official Home Ground in Samoa. At the moment, Prince Edwards Park isn't set to International Standards.

Proper Stands, seating approx. 5,000 people will be built, plus a larger changing room and meeting area for the playing teams . Floodlights and a small electronic scoreboard will be added. A few stores will also be built in the surrounding area and a Bus Terminal will also be included in the Building Package.

Prince Edwards Park is aiming to become the Main sporting ground in Savaii, and having Asau and Maota as minor Sporting Parks in Savai'i.