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Prince Hussain Aga Khan (born April 10, 1974, in Geneva, Switzerland[1]) is the third child and second son of Aga Khan IV and his first wife, Princess Salimah Aga Khan.

He attended Deerfield Academy and subsequently Williams College, from which he graduated in 1997 with a dual degree in theatre and French literature.[1] Since then, Prince Hussain has been based in France and working with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Following completion of a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University in 2004, Prince Hussain assumed additional responsibility at the Aga Khan Foundation for the conceptualisation of programmes on environmental issues.[2] Hussain has been an avid tropical fish hobbyist since the age of 5 and a reptile and amphibian enthusiast since he was 14.[1]

His photographs of 'Rainforests' from seven countries, and associated statistics related to deforestation and biodiversity have been showcased in the US, Paris, Geneva and Verbier (Switzerland), and have been published in 2 books, Animal Voyage in 2004 (a new editions was printed in 2007) and Diving into Wildlife in 2015.[1][3]

On April 27, 2006, the Prince announced his intention to marry Kristin J. White (born 1976), an American whom he met while both were attending graduate school at Columbia. The intended bride, who has a master's degree in public health, converted to Islam and took the name, Khaliya Aga Khan.[4]

Prince Hussain and Princess Khaliya were married religiously on Saturday September 16, 2006, by Sayyed Mohammad Masawi at Château de Chantilly. Friday September 15 was the civil ceremony at their home in Aiglemont, France, by Mayor of Gouvieux, Patrice Marchand. Prince Hussain was given the key to the city of Sugar Land, Texas in 2007, and was made an Honorary Ambassador of the city of Edmonton in 2007.

Prince Hussain and Princess Khaliya divorced in 2013.[5]


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