Prince Igor Constantinovich of Russia

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Prince Igor Constantinovich
Born(1894-06-10)10 June 1894
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died18 July 1918(1918-07-18) (aged 24)
Alapayevsk, Russian SFSR
FatherGrand Duke Constantine Constantinovich of Russia
MotherPrincess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg

Prince Igor Constantinovich of Russia (Игорь Константинович; 10 June 1894 – 18 July 1918)[1] was the sixth child of Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovich of Russia by his wife Elisaveta Mavrikievna née Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg.


Igor was born on June 10, 1894 and attended the Corps des Pages, an imperial military academy in Saint Petersburg. He enjoyed theatre.

During World War I, he was a cornet in the His Majesty's Hussar Guards Regiment and became a decorated war hero. However, his health was quite fragile: he suffered from pleurisy and lung complications in 1915, and even if he returned to the trenches, he couldn't walk quickly and often coughed and spat blood.

On 4 April 1918, he was exiled to the Urals by the Bolsheviks and murdered in July the same year in a mineshaft[2] near the town of Alapaevsk, along with his brothers Prince John Constantinovich and Prince Constantine Constantinovich, his cousin Prince Vladimir Pavlovich Paley and other relatives and friends.[3] His body was eventually buried in the Russian Orthodox Church cemetery in Beijing,[4] which was destroyed in 1986 and is now a parking lot.

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