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Flag of the Imperial Regiment of the First Mexican Empire

The Prince Imperial of Mexico is the title created on June 22, 1822 by the Mexican Constituent Congress, to be granted to the firstborn and heir of Emperor Agustín de Iturbide. This title also refers to the heads of the Imperial House and designated to be the official title of the heir apparent to the imperial throne of Mexico.


The Sovereign Mexican Constituent Congress decreed on June 22, 1822[1] the following:

  • Art 1 °. The Mexican Monarchy, in addition to being moderate and Constitutional, is also hereditary.
  • Art 2 °. Consequently, the Nation calls the succession of the Crown for the death of the current Emperor, his firstborn son Don Agustín Jerónimo de Iturbide. The Constitution of the Empire will decide the order of succession of the throne.
  • Art 3 °. The crown prince will be called "Prince Imperial" and will have the treatment of Imperial Highness.
  • Art 4 °. The legitimate sons and daughters of H.I.M will be called "Mexican Princes", and will have the treatment of Highness.
  • Art 5 °. Don José Joaquín de Iturbide y Arreguí, Father of H.I.M, is decorated with the title of "Prince of the Union" and the treatment of Highness, during his life.
  • Art 6 °. It is also granted the title of "Princess of Iturbide" and the treatment of Highness, during his life, to Doña María Nicolasa de Iturbide y Arámburo, sister of the Emperor.

Former and present holders of the title[edit]

Image Coat of arms First name Description
H.I.M Agustín I
(Constitutional Emperor of Mexico since May 19, 1822 to March 19, 1823)
Agustín Jeronimo de Iturbide y Huarte.jpg Coat of Arms of the First Mexican Empire.svg
H.I.H Agustín Jerónimo de Iturbide
June 22, 1822 - March 19, 1823

March 20, 1823 - September 16, 1865

H.I.M Maximilian I
(Emperor of Mexico since April 10, 1864 to May 15, 1867)
Agustin de Iturbide y Green 1884.jpg Coat of arms of Mexico (1864-1867).svg
H.H Agustín de Iturbide y Green
September 16, 1865 - May 15, 1867
May 16 , 1867 - March 3, 1925

Head of the Imperial House of Mexico

María Josefa Sofía de Iturbide y Mikos.jpg House of Iturbide.svg
Baroness María Josefa Sofía de Iturbide
March 3, 1925 - November 12, 1949
House of Iturbide.svg
Count Maximilian von Götzen-Iturbide
November 12, 1949 - Nowadays