Prince Interactive

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Prince Interactive
Prince Interactive
Cover art
Developer(s)Graphix Zone
Publisher(s)Compton's New Media
Platform(s)Mac OS, Windows 3.x
Genre(s)Graphic adventure, puzzle

Prince Interactive is an interactive CD-ROM released in 1994, based on the musician Prince and his Paisley Park Studios recording complex.


The disc contains a videogame, songs, music videos, a virtual tour through Paisley Park Studios and other multimedia resources.

The videogame is a graphic adventure similar to Myst, requiring the player to explore the many different rooms in Paisley Park Studios and solve puzzles to collect the five pieces of Prince’s symbol.[1] The CD-ROM also features six complete songs, including several which were previously unreleased, 52 song clips, four full-length music videos, 31 video clips, and nine morphs.[2] The private club contains clips of musicians, including Eric Clapton, Little Richard, George Clinton, and Miles Davis discussing Prince.


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