Prince Jinan

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Great Prince Jinan
Great Prince of Joseon
Born 1354
Died 1394
House Korean Royal House of Yi
Father Taejo of Joseon
Mother Queen Sin-ui
Korean Royal Title
Revised Romanization Jin-an Daegun
McCune–Reischauer Chin-an Daekun

Prince Jinan (1354 – January 15, 1394) born Yi Bang-woo, was a Korean prince and the first-born son of King Taejo of Joseon Dynasty and his consort Queen Sin-ui. He became the general secretary of the last king of Goryeo dynasty. In year 1388, his father, King Taejo, overthrew Goryue dynasty. After witnessing this incident, he went to Bogae mountain in Chelwon to retire. Later on, he went to Hamheung, which is located in present-day North Korea; there, he died at the age of 40.

In 1392, when King Taejo was giving out titles, his first son became as known as Grand Prince Jinan.

In the annals of Joseon dynasty, it describes Grand Prince Jinan as a man who liked alcoholic beverages, and states that he drank copious amount until he died. However, according to a memorial stone of Grand Prince Jinan, which was made in 1789, "Grand Prince Jinan was an exemplary son to his parent, who took good care of his brother and sisters. When he grew older, he minded in literature and practiced humble life style and did not fancy wealth nor authority.”