Prince Kan'in Naruhito

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His Imperial Highness
Prince Kan'in Naruhito
Born 17 February 1818
Died 20 October 1842(1842-10-20) (aged 24)
Allegiance Empire of Japan

Prince Kan'in Naruhito (閑院宮 愛仁親王 Kan'in-no-miya Naruhito-ō?, February 17, 1818 – October 20, 1842) was the 5th head of the Kan'in-no-miya line of shinnōke cadet branches of the Imperial Family of Japan.

He became the 5th head in 1828 after the passing of Prince Kan'in Tatsuhito.

Because the prince had no heirs, the title of Prince Kan'in lay dormant with his death. The 6th prince was Prince Kan'in Kotohito, who was selected in 1872 from the imperial branch Fushimi-no-miya.