Muhammad Abdel Moneim

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Muhammad Abdel Moneim
Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim.jpg
Born (1899-02-20)20 February 1899
Alexandria, Egypt
Died 1 December 1979(1979-12-01) (aged 80)
Istanbul, Turkey
Spouse Fatma Neslişah
Issue Prince Abbas Hilmi
Princess Ikbal

Damat Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim Beyefendi (20 February 1899 - 1 December 1979) was an Egyptian prince and former heir apparent to the throne of Egypt and Sudan from 1899 to 1914. Upon the abdication of King Farouk following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, he served as Regent for King Ahmed Fuad II until the declaration of the Republic of Egypt and abolition of the Egyptian and Sudanese monarchy in 1953.

Early life[edit]

Prince Muhammad Abdul Moneim was born at the Montaza Palace, near Alexandria. His father Abbas II was the reigning Khedive and so Muhammad Abdul Moneim became heir apparent upon his birth and was given the title of Hereditary Prince. He was educated at Fribourg, Switzerland. Following the Ottoman Empire's entry into World War I, Muhammad Abdul Moneim's father Abbas II was deposed by Britain on December 18, 1914 for supporting the Ottomans in the War. His father was replaced on the throne by his uncle Hussein Kamel, bypassing Muhammad Abdul Moneim who was now demoted in the line of succession. He was created His Highness in 1922. He served as President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee from 1934 until 1938. In 1939 he was appointed President of the Arab delegation to the Palestine Conference in London in 1939.


Following the abdication of King Farouk, Muhammad Abdul Moneim served as Chairman of the Council of Egyptian Regency from 26 July 1952 to 18 June 1953 for the infant King Fuad II, being created His Royal Highness in 1952. The regency came to an end when Major General Muhammad Naguib took power and declared Egypt a republic, ending the rule of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty.


He died in Ortaköy, Istanbul, and was buried in Cairo.


Muhammad Abdul Moneim married his third cousin Princess Fatma Neslişah Osmanoğlu Sultan (born Istanbul, Nişantaşı, Nişantaşı Palace, 4 February 1921, died 2 April 2012) at the Heliopolis Palace, Cairo, on September 26, 1940. She was a daughter of Prince Şehzade Omer Faruk (Istanbul, Ortaköy, Ortaköy Palace, 27/29 February 1898 - 28 March 1969/1971) and his first wife and cousin, Princess Rukiye Sabiha Sultan (born Istanbul, Ortaköy, Ortaköy Palace, 19 March/1 April 1894 - died Istanbul, 26 August 1971). Fatma Neslişah was also paternal granddaughter of the last Ottoman Caliph Abdülmecid II by his first wife and maternal granddaughter of the last Ottoman Sultan and Caliph Mehmed VI by his first wife.

Muhammad Abdul Moneim and Fatma Neslişah had two children:

  • Prince Sultanzade Abbas Hilmi (b. Cairo, October 16, 1941), married in Istanbul on June 1, 1969 to Mediha Momtaz (b. Cairo, May 12, 1945), and had one daughter and one son:
    • Princess HGlory Nabila Sabiha Fatima Hilmi Hanım (b. London, September 28, 1974)
    • Prince HGlory Nabil Daoud Abdelmoneim Hilmi Bey (b. Paddington, London, July 23, 1979)
  • Princess İkbal Hilmi Abdulmunim Hanımsultan (b. December 22, 1944), unmarried and without issue

Titles from birth[edit]

  • His Highness The Hereditary Prince of Egypt and Sudan (February 20, 1899 - December 18, 1914)
  • His Highness Prince Muhammad Abdul Moneim of Egypt and Sudan (December 18, 1914 - July 23, 1952)
  • His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad Abdul Moneim of Egypt and Sudan (July 23, 1952 - December 1, 1979)


Egyptian royalty
Preceded by
Cabinet of Egypt
assuming the powers of infant King Fuad II
Regent of Egypt and Sudan
with Bahey El Din Barakat Pasha
Rashad Mehanna
Succeeded by
as sole Prince regent
Preceded by
as Chairman of a 3-member Regency Body
Prince regent
Monarchy abolished