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Prince Munetaka (宗尊親王) (December 15, 1242 – September 2, 1274) was the sixth shogun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan who reigned from 1252 to 1266.[1]

He was the first son of the Emperor Go-Saga and replaced the deposed Fujiwara no Yoritsugu as shogun at the age of ten. He was a puppet ruler controlled by the Hōjō clan regents.

  • 1252 (Kenchō 4, 2nd month): Hōjō Tokiyori and Hōjō Shigetoki sent a representative to Kyoto to accompany Munetaka to Kamakura where he would be installed as shogun.[2]
  • 1266 (Bun'ei 3, 7th month): Munetaka was deposed, and his son Koreyasu was installed as the 7th shogun at the age of two.[3]

The deposed shogun became a Buddhist monk in 1272. His priestly name was Gyōshō.[1] He was a writer of Waka poetry.

Eras of Munetaka's bakufu[edit]

The years in which Munetaka was shogun are more specifically identified by more than one era name or nengō.


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Preceded by
Kujō Yoritsugu
Kamakura Shogun:
Prince Munetaka

Succeeded by
Prince Koreyasu