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Prince Nathan is a fictional character and son of Valiant in the comic strip "Prince Valiant." Nathan is the son of Prince Valiant of Thule and Queen Aleta of the Misty Isles. He was born early in the sixth century, near the beginning of the reign of Justinian, Emperor of the East. Justinian kidnapped the infant Nathan, fearing that his wife would not give birth to a healthy male heir. When this fear proved unfounded, the Emperor gave the baby to a childless Jewish couple. Eventually, baby Nathan was returned to his rightful parents, but he had already been circumcised and given a Jewish name - Nathan. This in addition to his already mixed Scandinavian-Greek ancestry. In the strip, he is currently in his early teens but has already traveled through much of the known and unknown world with his family and others. He has courage and wisdom beyond his years, besides scientific knowledge and curiosity, and rare artistic talents. He is a slim and handsome youth with flaming-red hair.

Recent Adventures[edit]

In the strip's episodes published in late 2005 and early 2006, Nathan helped to save the life of a Loch Ness Monster (see Loch Ness Monster in popular culture) and was captured by Viking pirates. His father helped him escape from the Viking captivity. On his way to Camelot, Nathan found his friend Sir Gawain. With his help he was able to reach Camelot and rejoin his mother, who immediately began organizing a mission to find and rescue Valiant. The expedition consisted of the Queen, Nathan, Gawain, and a few trustworthy, brave and hardy veteran knights. The expedition succeeded in finding Valiant - in Africa. (Strips published in the summer of 2008).