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Studio album by
Released1 June 2007
LabelEMI Taiwan
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Prince (王子) is the third album released by Malaysian singer Nicholas Teo.

For his latest album, Nicholas Teo worked with the producing duo Cai and Wei Song. The album features 10 songs including the titular rock ballad that sees Nicholas performing rap for the first time. Other recommendable songs are the ballad "Mistake After Mistake" as well as the romantic "The Reason for Happiness". Furthermore, fans get to hear "Good Night Darling", penned by Nicholas himself, and the bonus track, "Tears of Polaris", which also happens to be the theme song of the drama Smiling Pasta which Nicholas stars in.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 游戏 You Xi (Game)
  2. 错了再错 Cuo Le Zai Cuo (Mistake After Mistake)
  3. 王子 Wang Zi (Prince)
  4. 幸福的理由 Xing Fu De Li You (The Reason for Happiness)
  5. 如果 Ru Guo (Perhaps)
  6. 陌路 Mo Lu (Strange)
  7. Super Idol
  8. 其实幸福很简单 Qi Shi Xing Fu Hen Jian Dan (Simple Love)
  9. 相信 Xiang Xin (Believe)
  10. 晚安,宝贝 Wan An, Bao Bei (Goodnight, Darling)
  11. 北极星的眼泪 Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei (Tears Of Polaris) (Bonus Track)

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