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Location of Prince Olav Harbour

Prince Olav Harbour is small harbour in the south west portion of Cook Bay, entered between Point Abrahamsen and Sheep Point, along the north coast of South Georgia.


Throughout the 19th century South Georgia was a sealers' base and, in the following century, became a whalers' base. Prince Olav Harbour is the site of one of the seven main whaling bases established on South Georgia. Prince Olav Harbour was the location of a former Norwegian whaling station operational dating from 1911.


The whaling station was initially a floating factory site, a shore station being set up in 1916. The whaling station continued as a shore station until March 1931 and then was closed. The name was in use as early as 1912 and was given by Norwegian whalers for Crown Prince Olav of Norway.[1]

The wreck of the ship Brutus remains, semi-submerged, where she was deliberately beached to serve as a coaling station. The ship was built in Glasgow in 1883 as the Sierra Pedrosa, and measured 1,686 gross registered tons. Aftyer serving as a coal hulk at Cape Town, she was towed to South Georgia in about 1912. Brutus Island in the harbour is named after it.[2][3]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Prince Olav Harbour" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).

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