Prince Pedro Thiago of Orléans-Braganza

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Prince Pedro Thiago
Prince Imperial of Brazil (disputed)
Born (1979-01-12) 12 January 1979 (age 38)
Petrópolis, Brazil
Full name
Pedro Thiago Maria Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga
House Orléans-Braganza
Father Prince Pedro Carlos of Orléans-Braganza
Mother Rony Kuhn de Souza
Styles of
Prince Pedro Thiago
COA Dinasty Orleães-Bragança.svg
Reference style His Imperial and Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Highness
Alternative style Sir
Brazilian imperial family
(Petrópolis branch)
COA Dinasty Orleães-Bragança.svg

Prince Pedro Thiago of Orléans-Braganza (born 12 January 1979) is a member of the Brazilian Imperial Family. According to the claims of the Petrópolis branch[citation needed], he is the current Prince Imperial of Brazil and therefore first in line of succession to the defunct Brazilian throne[citation needed].


He was born in Petrópolis, the son of Prince Pedro Carlos of Orléans-Braganza and his first wife Rony Kuhn de Souza who died two days after his birth.[1]

On 26 May 1992, Pedro Thiago was kidnapped while on his way to school and held for a ransom reported at $5 million.[2] He was freed on 2 June after police raided a house in a Rio de Janeiro suburb.[3] In January 2002, he was indicted on charges relating to the theft and then sale of a set of porcelain dishes from the Palace of the Grão-Pará belonging to his aunt Princess Christina.[4]

He has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Pedro I, as well of the Order of the Rose.[5]



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Prince Pedro Thiago of Orléans-Braganza
Cadet branch of the House of Orléans
Born: 12 January 1979
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Prince Pedro Carlos
Petrópolis line of succession to the Brazilian throne
1st position
Succeeded by
Prince Felipe Rodrigo