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Several characters appear in Dragon Prince, the first of Melanie Rawn's two trilogies dealing with Sunrunners and dragons.


  • Rohan, the Dragon Prince
  • Sioned, the Sunrunner "witch"
  • Pol, the Faradh'i and Diarmadh'i prince


  • Lords of Radzyn Keep: Chaynal, Tobin, Maarken, Andry, Sorin, Hollis, Rohannon, Chayla, Jahni, and Andry's children.
  • Ostvel, Sioned's old friend and trusted ally
  • Roelstra's Line: Roelstra, Ianthe, Ruval, Meiglan, Pandsala, Chiana, etc.
  • Lords of River Run: Tilal, Kostas, Davvi, Gemma, Danladi, Rihani, Daniv, etc.
  • Sunrunners of Goddess Keep: Andrade, Urival, Camigwen, Meath, etc.
  • Sorcerers of the Old Blood: Riyan, Ruala, Mireva, Aldiara, etc.


  • Arlis, Prince of Kierst-Isel: Born in 710, he was the grandson of Prince Volog of Kierst and Prince Saumer of Isel. His birth signaled the end of an age old feud and rivalry as the two island Princedoms would finally be united. He was fostered at Stronghold under High Prince Rohan and was knighted in 730. During the Vellant'im War he fought bravely and, after the youth insisted, used Rohannon of Whitecliff, his squire and an untrained Sunrunner, to convey messages to the rest of the Continent. When he discovered that Rohannon had was using dranath to enhance his abilities, Arlis was horrified. He ordered Rohannon to stop, but it was too late - the faradhi was addicted. Luckily, a local 'lad' (Aldiara) knew how to end the addiction.
  • Idalian of Faolain Riverport: Born in 718, he was fostered at Balarat. He fought bravely during the Vellanti War and was honored for it. Idalain, Rohannon, and Aldiara rode worked together to root out traitors in Firon. Idalian and Aldiara developed a seething mutual hatred for each other and often enjoyed tormenting the other, much to Rohannon's amusement. Idalian's dislike of Aldiara stemmed from his captivity under her 'gentle' ministrations, when he still thought her a lad working for the enemy.
  • Isriam of Einar: Born in 721, he was fostered at Stronghold along with Daniv of Syr. Despite the difference in their stations the two young men became as close as brothers. During the Vellanti war, Isriam fought bravely at his Prince's side. He also helped Betheyn with her architectural endeavors and became her protector. He and Betheyn grew romantically attached despite their age difference (she was thirty, he sixteen).
  • Jahnavi, Lord of Tuath Castle: Born in 711, he was Walvis and Feylin's only son and heir. He had been fostered at Skybowl and was knighted in 730. A few years later he married Rabisa and became Lord of Tuath. They had two children, Siona and Jeren. Though a strong and skilled warrior - as is natural with Walvis, trainer of knights, for a father - he was killed during the Vellanti battle at Tuath.
  • Laric, Prince of Firon: Born in 698, he was the younger son of Chadric and Audrite of Dorval. He was fostered at High Kirat in 710 and knighted in 718. A year later he became Prince of Firon due to the unexpected death of Prince Ajit, whom Pandsala had killed in an attempt to expand Pol's inheritance. As a foreigner, Laric was met with some distrust by the Fironese. Most ill will disappeared, however, when he married Lisiel of Snowcoves, who was related to the late Prince. Together they had two children: Tirel and Larien. During the Vellanti War, Firon was overtaken by Lisiel's brother, Yarin, and sorcerers. With the help of Prince Arlis, Rohannon, Idalain, and Aldiara, Laric was able to reclaim his princedom and save his son from imprisonment.
  • Saumer of Kierst-Isel: Born in 720 to Latham and Hevatia, he was Arlis' younger brother. He was fostered at High Kirat with Rihani of Ossetia. Though they had very different temperaments, the two became very close, fighting side by side in the Vellanti war. They were knighted together on the field of battle. When Rihani lay dying of wounds, Saumer was by his 'brother's side.
  • Sethric of Grib: Born in 717, he was the nephew of Velden, Prince of Grib. He trained at Remagev before the Vellanti war broke out. He ended up fighting alongside Danvi of Syr and the High Prince. During this time he and Danvi met Jeni, and both fell for her. Sethric loved the lady, but thought she deserved a Prince - Danvi was Heir to the Princedom of Syr. Eventually Jeni made it clear that she didn't care about marrying a Prince; she loved Sethric.
  • Tallain, Lord of Tiglath: Born in 700, he was the younger son of Lord Eltanin of Tiglath. When his older brother died of Plague, he became heir and was fostered at Stronghold. He was a quiet, self-possessed boy and grew into a strong and noble young man. His strength grew greater through his association with Sionell, his wife and the rather outspoken daughter of Walvis and Feylin. Though still reserved compared to most of his Desert brethren - except when it came to Merida - Tallain was a brave warrior. He and the soldiers of Tiglath fended off the Vellant'im long enough for Sionell and their children to get to safety. He died, honored as a hero.
  • Zehava, Prince of the Desert: Born in 638, he was a fierce and revered warrior Prince. He had fought thousands of Merida to secure his beloved lands and was the epitome of the 'Old Ways.' While Zehava thrived on battle and on the dragon hunts - he had slain nine dragons, which was more than any other - he was also a fair and just ruler and a loving father. He did not understand Rohan's propensity for scholarly works and lawcrafting, but indulged his son with books as the Prince cared deeply for him and for Tobin, Zehava's daughter. Zehava was especially proud of Rohan, when the boy dressed in common troopers harness in order to fight the Merida. Zehava knew about the dragon gold and the operation at Skybowl, but he never told Rohan about it as he wanted his son to work for his gold and/or discover the dragon gold himself. This kind of fatherly treatment was also demonstrated when Zehava threw Rohan into the lake near Skybowl to teach the boy to swim. In 698 during a dragon hunt, Zehava was fatally wounded. He died a few days later. Rohan avenged his father's death by slaying the dragon.


Kazander, Korrus of the Isulk'im, was born in 711 to one of the Desert's nomadic tribes. He was an Isulki warrior and proud of it, though not insufferable to any but Chayla of Whitecliff. Kazander was like a prince among the Isulk'im. He was called Korrus, which meant battle leader. He partially earned that title by killing Merida, his people's sworn enemies. Like a lot of young Lords and Princes, Kazander had been trained at Remagev under Walvis. He learned many battle techniques there and every so often in the following years he would lead an Isulki raid on the trainees. Walvis found such tactics amusing and good training experiences for his students. On one of these raids, Kazander met Chayla, who was being fostered at Remagev. He was instantly taken with her, although he had a few wives already - a fact Chayla was not pleased to learn. The two developed an odd kind of relationship, him declaring her beauty and his affection to the heavens, and her rolling her eyes, while secretly amused and flattered. Their relationship took a serious turn after the Vellant'im attacked; Kazander became her protector - or rather avenger. Chayla had been captured by the Vellant'im and raped. It was Kazander who came to her rescue and slew her captors. He fought bravely and furiously in the Vellanti war, leading his Isulk'im to many victories. In the end, however, he fell in battle. He was greatly mourned by many, including Chayla, whom his wives welcomed and treated as one of them. Chayla was honored. She was even asked to name Kazander's youngest child, which she named Andra.


Walvis, Lord of Remagev, was born in 685 and was Rohan's first squire. In addition to his training and squire duties, Walvis helped Rohan and Sioned meet in secret before they were married, much as Rohan himself had done for his sister, Tobin, and Chaynal. Walvis also guarded his Prince and his Chosen Lady. During the Rialla, he was captured along with Sioned as he had tried to follow her. Sioned and Walvis worked together to verbally throw off Roelstra, making his attention split between the two of them. Their distraction gave Rohan and Urival enough time to enter Roelstra's camp. Rohan freed them. Walvis attended Rohan faithfully until he was knighted in 703. He then served Rohan as a knight and man-at-arms. Rohan was going to give Walvis Remagev Keep, so he brought his former squire along on his tour of the northern Desert Keeps. When they reached Skybowl they were greeted by Feylin, the dragon counter, who turned out to be a girl about Walvis' age. Walvis went to Skybowl to ready his Prince's arrival while Rohan and the party from Skybowl set off to search for the nearby dragons. On the journey Rohan was captured. Walvis and Feylin rode to Tiglath to find a Sunrunner and to warn them that the Merida were planning to attack. Sioned ordered Walvis to lead the defense at Tiglath instead of trying to rescue Rohan; he didn't much like the order, but he obeyed when Feylin rode off to Tiglath herself. As the war raged between Princemarch and the Desert to the south, Walvis commanded the northern army and the besieged city. As his troops were disheartened by the lack of action, Walvis launched some small attacks, trying to pull the Merida into action Eventually the trade supplies from Cunaxa to the Merida were cut off by Dorval's ships, just as those ships also supplied Tiglath. The Desert troops regained their spirits, and the Merida had no choice but to attack the city en masse. Walvis led the defensive attack and won, demolishing the Merida army. While there Walvis and Feylin worked well together and made a great team. Rohan eventually won the southern war in a duel against High Prince Roelstra. After he was made High Prince, Rohan named Walvis Lord of Remagev Keep and Sioned gave him a silver-gray pearl necklet. A year later Walvis married Feylin and gave her the wedding necklet.

Over the years, they had two children, Jahnavi and Sionell. They also worked to fix up Remagev as Lord Hadaan had let it fall into some disrepair. In 714 Walvis became Lord of Remagev. By this time the Keep was fairly up to snuff, though not as luxurious as Radzyn or even Stronghold. By the time his children were married, Walvis and Feylin had an up and running Keep and Walvis was training the sons of Desert Lords in combat. Walvis became so adept at his training, that soon Lords and Princes from all over the Continent sent their sons to be trained by him.

During the Vellanti invasion Walvis - and many who had trained under him - fought at the High Prince's side. Without them, the war could have been lost.


  • Alasen of Kierst, Princess of Meadowlord: Born in 696, she was Prince Volog of Kierst's youngest and favorite daughter. She had been born with the faradhi gifts, but was afraid and unwilling to learn how to use them. At the 719 Rialla she met Andry of Radzyn Keep. Andry was very taken with her and encouraged her to go to Goddess Keep to learn how to use her gifts. He did not understand why she was afraid to do so. Though Alasen had loved him, she had feared his power and the power he was trying to draw out of her even more. She ran to Ostvel instead. Ostvel was a strong, caring man, and he didn't try to make her use gifts she'd never wanted. Though Andry was furious, Alasen married Ostvel. Together they had three children: Camigwen (Jeni), Milar, and Dannar. Throughout the years Alasen grew stronger and more confident of her place in the world. She was an asset during the Vellanti war; towards the end of the war, she was finally able to come to terms with her Sunrunner gifts and use them without fear.
  • Camigwen (Jeni) of Castle Crag: Born in 720, she was the daughter of Ostvel and Alasen. She had been named after Ostvel's first wife, the Sunrunner Camigwen. Like her namesake and her mother, Jeni had been born with the faradhi gifts. Unlike her mother, she was not afraid to use them. She was fostered out to Stronghold under her father's dear friend Sioned, the High Princess. After the Vellanti war broke out, Jeni met Sethric of Grib. They fell for each other, but he thought himself too low for someone like her, someone descended from Princes. Jeni thought that was ridiculous. During the war, she and Sethric were trapped in a Keep, suddenly made its main defenders. Jeni had to overcome the fear of her gifts and use what Sunrunner abilities she could. Together, Jeni and Sethric were able to hold the enemy at bay.


Betheyn was born in 707 and was the daughter of the chief architect rebuilding Feruche for Sorin. During this time Betheyn and Sorin developed a relationship, and later she apparently became his unofficial betrothed (her character is mentioned in Sunrunner's Fire, but is not named until Stronghold). By the year 737 Beth was living at Radzyn Keep with Tobin and Chay as their unofficial daughter-in-law.

The Vellanti war broke out and Beth travelled with Prince Rohan and Pol across the Desert, helping Chayla with the injured whenever she could. Beth's knowledge of architecture also proved to be a great help. Myrdal - rumored sister of Zehava and keeper of the Desert's secret passageways - entrusted Beth, Hollis, Chayla, and Tobren with the secrets of the Desert's Keeps. Hollis' Sunrunner memory enabled her to remember every detail exactly, Chayla and Tobren were of Zehava's blood, and Beth would understand the architecture and technical workings of the passageways.

Isriam, Rohan's squire, travelled with Beth and the others. Though only sixteen, he grew up quickly due to the war and became Beth's main protector. The two felt a romantic connection despite the rather large age difference (Beth was thirty). As the war progressed Isriam aided Beth in her architectural endeavors. This deepened their feelings for one another, though neither acted upon their feelings for quite a while. At the end of the war, Beth and Isriam admitted their feelings for each other. Isriam, however, saw himself as too young and thought that Beth's feelings had been influenced by the war and danger, not true affection. Beth disagreed, kissed him, and told him that he wouldn't always be young.


Feylin, Lady of Remagev, was Desert born and bred. Like most of the women from that Princedom, she was strong and feisty; the fact that she was from the North meant that she was ready to grab a sword every time she heard ' Merida.' Feylin's blinding passion was to count and study dragons; though they terrified her, she was also fascinated by them. She became a dragon census counter for Prince Rohan and even advised him about dragon hatching caves and dragon behavior. When Rohan travelled to Skybowl, he was surprised to see that Feylin was a young woman instead of a crotchety, older man. He was pleased to hear that the dragons would probably choose the caves between Skybowl and Feruche to lay their eggs. He went to investigate and was captured by the Merida and taken to Feruche. Feylin and Walvis, who had come to Skybowl with his Prince, set off for Tiglath in order to find aid and a Sunrunner. They ran into Kleve, who contacted Sioned. The Sunrunner Princess ordered Walvis to lead the defense at Tiglath. He wanted to rescue his Prince instead, but to Feylin it was clear: Princess Sioned had ordered him to go and the Merida were about to attack. She set off for Tiglath. Walvis and the others seemed shocked for a moment, then Walvis took off after her. Together Feylin and Walvis were able to defend the city and keep the people organized. Rohan was released from Feruche and went on to lead the southern war to victory. He became High Prince in Roelstra's place. He made Walvis Lord of Remagev Keep, and Sioned gave Walvis a silver-gray pearl necklet, a necklet which Walvis gave to Feylin a year later. Remagev had fallen somewhat into disarray during the previous Lord's rule, but Feylin and her husband turned it back into a functioning and prosperous Keep. Walvis even began a training regime for men of the Desert, which soon became world-renowned. Princes and Lords from all over the Continent sent their sons to be trained by him. Over the years Feylin and Walvis had two children, Sionell and Jahnavi.


Sionell of Remagev, Regent of Cunaxa, born in 708, was the oldest child of Walvis and Feylin, and a little hellion. Stubborn to a fault, she had the lucky place of being the thorn in young Pol's side. She wanted to follow him everywhere. He wanted nothing to do with a little 'baby' as he called her. Sionell would stomp her little foot and say she wasn't a baby. As all people do, Sionell grew up. She grew into a strong and hot-tempered young woman, and very opinionated to boot, but she was also kindhearted and caring. She had always been half in love with Pol and as she got older that love grew too. Pol, for his part, viewed her more as a kid sister than anything else. Another young man noticed the beautiful woman she had become, however. His name was Tallain of Tiglath. He was a shy and quiet young man, but he was a strong one too. He came out of his shell, in part due to his relationship with Sionell and she matured with grace due to his. The two found love and were eventually married, though Sionell never forgot her first love, Pol. Sionell and Tallain had three children together, Antalya, Jahnev and Meig.

Tiglath was one of the first Keeps attacked during the Vellanti invasion. They came without warning, killing everyone in their path. Tallain drugged Sionell to enable her escape and ensure her and the children's safety. Tallain and his men were able to fend off the invaders long enough for Sionell and others to get away, but he and the brave defenders of Tiglath had fallen.

Sionell was a great asset during the war. She helped plan against further attacks, and took part in Sioned's scheme to drug the Vellanti soldiers - she did not know the drug was actually poison; however, and wasn't terribly pleased when she discovered it. Many times during the war she would speak to Pol, trying to keep him focused and on track. He needed her to yell him into actions on a few occasions. In the end, Pol and his forces won the war and drove the Vellant'im from the Continent. Pol also finally saw Sionell as a strong woman and not the little girl who had followed him around, pestering him. She and Pol had a romantic encounter during the Vellanti war. Following Pol's wife's, Meiglan's, death at the hands of the Vellanti High Warlord, Sionell, while she still cared deeply for Pol and perhaps even loved him, needed time to reconcile this with her love for Tallain and her commitment to her family. Instead of staying with Pol, Sionell accepted the Regency of Cunaxa but the possibility of a future with Pol is still there.


  • Jastri, Prince of Syr: Born in 688, Jastri became the Prince of Syr in 702, after his and Gemma's father had died of plague. Two years later, High Prince Roelstra offered to teach him military maneuverings near the Faolain River; Jastri eagerly agreed. As the Syrene army was called up, Lord Davvi of River Run deserted and went to the Desert - he knew that Roelstra was really planning to attack the Desert, his sister's princedom. Davvi's actions were enough to excuse Roelstra from attacking the Desert, but he held back, waiting for Ianthe to release Prince Rohan, whom she was holding until she got pregnant with his child. The war finally began and Jastri was glad; he had an impatient and hot-tempered nature and did not like to sit waiting - especially when he held the larger force. Both sides took casualties in the battle, Syr and Princemarch more, but they also had nearly double the men. Jastri was rearing for another fight, but Roelstra held back. Angered, the young Prince reckless. When the Desert appeared to be falling back, Jastri led his three hundred troops across the river - and was slaughtered. At one point he was given the chance to surrender, but Jastri was a proud and courageous Prince; he fought onward. Instead of removing himself from battle as some Prince's would, Jastri fought and died with his men.


Masul, the Pretender, was born in 698 on Roelstra's barge. His mother, Ailech, was a servant in the kitchens of Castle Crag as was her husband. Both Ailech and her husband died shortly after Masul's birth, and Masul was taken to Dason Manor, where Ailech's parents were pensioners. As Masul grew it became evident that he was not the son of Ailech's husband, to whom he bore no resemblance; Masul was tall, dark, and green-eyed, while the husband was short and dark. Ailech's family was blonde, short, and generally brown-eyed. After putting up with snide comments all through his youth, Masul turned into a bitter young man, full of wounded pride and a desire to prove himself superior to everyone else. When rumors spread about him being the possible son of the late High Prince, Masul latched onto the rumor as truth. He learned how to ride, use the sword, and speak like a highborn; he awaited the time when he could reclaim his father's throne.

His chance came before the Rialla of 719. His aunt, who was in the service of Lady Kiele of Waes, told him that her mistress wished to meet him and, if she believed Masul was her brother, she would sponsor him at the Rialla. Masul went to Waes.

At the Rialla, he challenged Pol's right to Princemarch, claiming it as his own through blood. As Roelstra's barge had gone up in flames all those years ago and there were in fact two babies on board, Masul's claim could not be discarded out of hand. Then a man named Gernius came forward, claiming that Masul was his son. Gernius, who had been a member of Roelstra's barge crew, was tall with black hair, green eyes, and had facial features similar to Masul's. Before High Prince Rohan could question the man, Gernius was killed by a man pretending to be a Merida. The debate about Masul's parentage continued, this time without evidence to gainsay the claim. That being said, Masul had murdered an itinerant Sunrunner; his life was already forfeit.

After being knighted by Prince Miyon of Cunaxa, Masul challenged Pol to a duel, but Pol, being only fourteen and not yet knighted, was unable to fight. Maarken, his older cousin, fought Masul in his place. In a fair fight Maarken would have won, but sorcery assaulted him, blurring his vision with shapes of phantom warriors. Masul toyed with Maarken, knocking him around as he tried to fight dozens of shadowed enemies. Masul was about to kill him, when Rohan intervened; Rohan killed him with two well-thrown daggers.


Miyon, Prince of Cunaxa, was born in 689. He became the Prince of Cunaxa at twelve years of age as his father had died of plague. Miyon was raised into his princehood by an uncle with known Merida ties. The young Prince struggled for many years to shake off the chains of his advisors' rule. Miyon did not attend the gathering at Stronghold to affirm Princes, athr'im, and to accept Rohan as High Prince, claiming an illness instead.

As Miyon grew older, he wrested Cunaxa from his uncle's control. He ruled his Princedom as he see fit, with an iron fist unless the Merida were involved. Need having married, he had many bastard children, amongst them Meiglan. Miyon used Meiglan as a trap for Pol, much as Roelstra had used his, albeit legitimate, daughters against Rohan. The difference is, this time the trap was sprung. Meiglan was innocent and ignorant of her father's plotting and Pol fell in love with her. He wanted to protect her and care for her and be her golden hero. He married her. Miyon, of course, was thrilled. His plans didn't turn out as grand as he had hoped; however, he was not very welcome at Dragon's Rest, Pol and Meiglan's home. This angered him, and by the time the Vellant'im attacked he bore no love for his daughter. He kidnapped Meiglan and his granddaughter, Rislyn, and took them to the Vellant'im High Warlord. For his crimes, Miyon is later killed by Andry, Lord of Goddess Keep.

Vellant'i High Warlord[edit]

There was little known about the Vellant'i High Warlord other than the fact he wanted to rule the Desert. He had about five wives and a bushel of sons back in his homeland. He did not view women very highly, though he respected - to some extent - a few, including the Azhreia, Sioned, of whom he'd heard many tales. He was mightily impressed that she had set Stronghold ablaze, burning the Keep to the ground rather than letting him or his men use it. He also seemed fixated on her hair, as if he had never seen its color before. He came to respect Meiglan a little - or at least not to discount her out of hand - when he realized what she had been sewing into her husband's funeral blanket. When Ruala approached him to give him the use of Skybowl, he dismissed her until he learned that she was pregnant, then he was nearly coddling her; after all she could be carrying her husband's son.

The Vellant'i High Warlord was clever and cunning in his battle tactics. His attacks were swift and precise. He knew his enemy and where to strike to do the most damage. He had nearly won the entire Continent and had taken over most of the Desert, where the new High Prince, Pol, awaited to make his final stand. In the end, the High Warlord underestimated Pol, Andry, and all of their allies. Before he was defeated, however, he killed Meiglan. Pol killed him and drove the Vellant'im from the land.