Salvador de Iturbide y Huarte

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Prince of Mexico
Born 1820
Died 7 June 1856 (aged 35-36)
Tepic River
Spouse María del Rosario de Marzán y Guizasola
Full name
Salvador de Iturbide y Huarte
Imperial House Iturbide
Father Augustín I of Mexico
Mother Ana María de Huarte y Muñiz
Religion Roman Catholicism

Prince Salvador of Mexico, also named Salvador de Iturbide y Huarte (1820 – June 7, 1856) was the eighth child (and third son) of Agustín I of Mexico and Empress Ana Maria Huarte. He was married in 1845 to Doña María del Rosario de Marzán y Guizasola. His descendants, through his son Salvador de Iturbide y de Marzán, are the current pretenders to the Mexican Throne.


Prince Salvador was two years old when he was created Príncipe de México (Prince of Mexico) and styled Highness. He had nine brothers and sisters; Agustín Jerónimo, Prince Imperial, Princess Sabina, Princess Juana María, Princess Josefa, Prince Ángel, Princess María Isis, Princess María, Prince Felipe, and Prince Agustín Cosme.

Salvador was the third in line to the throne, after his brother Ángel de Iturbide y Huarte. When Maximilian I of Mexico was crowned emperor, he contacted the Iturbide family to ask for the adoption of two boys: His Highness, Agustín de Iturbide y Green, son of Ángel, and His Highness Salvador de Iturbide y Marzán, son of Salvador.

He was drowned in a boating accident on the Tepic River in 1856.