Prince Wilhelm Victor of Prussia

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William Victor of Prussia
Prince of Prussia
Born (1919-02-15)15 February 1919
Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Died 7 February 1989(1989-02-07) (aged 69)
Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Burial 11 February 1989
Nordfriedhof, Munich, Germany
Spouse Marie Antoinette, Countess of Hoyos
Issue Princess Marie Louise of Prussia
Prince Adalbert Alexander of Prussia
Full name
German: Wilhelm Viktor Ernst Freund Friedrich Georg Adalbert
House Hohenzollern
Father Prince Adalbert of Prussia
Mother Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

Prince Wilhelm Victor of Prussia (Wilhelm Viktor Ernst Freund Friedrich Georg Adalbert) (15 February 1919 in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, 7 February 1989 in Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg)[1] was a German nobleman, soldier and diplomat.


Prince Wilhelm Victor was a grandson of Emperor Wilhelm II and the youngest child of Prince Adalbert of Prussia (14 July 1884 – 22 September 1948)[2] and Princess Adelheid "Adi" of Saxe-Meiningen (16 August 1891 – 25 April 1971). His father, Prince Adalbert carried also the title "Graf Lingen". He forfeited his rights of succession as a result of his unequal marriage.

His sister, Princess Viktoria Marina married William Patterson.

House of Hohenzollern


Prince Wilhelm Victor who married at Donaueschingen 20 July 1944 Marie Antoinette, Countess of Hoyos [1] (Hohenthurm, 27 June 1920 – Marbella 1 March 2004), and had the following issue:

  • Princess Marie Louise Marina Franziska (born Konstanz 18 September 1945), who wed at Donaueschingen 22 May 1971 Count Rudolf von Schönburg-Glauchau (born 25 September 1932, Wechselburg); had issue
    • Count Friedrich (born 1985)
  • Prince Adalbert Alexander Friedrich Joachim Christian (born Konstanz 4 March 1948), who married at Glentorf 14 June 1981 Eva Maria Kudicke (born Shahi, Iran 30 June 1951); had issue
    • Alexander von Preußen (born 3 October 1984)
    • Christian von Preußen (born 3 July 1986)
    • Philipp von Preußen (born 3 July 1986)

The Princess was born Countess Marie Antoinette, at Hohenthurm, 27 June 1920, daughter of Friedrich, Count Hoyos-Sprinzenstein, Baron zu Stichsenstein and Wilhelmine von Wuthenau of the Counts Hohenthurm.[3]

Prince Wilhelm Viktor died on 7 February 1989 at age 69.

Titles, styles, honours and arms[edit]

Titles and styles[edit]



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