Prince Yeonsan (film)

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Prince Yeonsan
Prince Yeonsan.jpg
Theatrical poster for Prince Yeonsan (1961)
Revised Romanization Yeonsan gun
McCune–Reischauer Yŏnsan kun
Directed by Shin Sang-ok[1]
Produced by Shin Sang-ok
Written by Lim Hee-jae
Starring Shin Yeong-gyun
Music by Jeong Yoon-joo
Cinematography Bea Sung-hak
Jeong Hae-jun
Edited by Kim Young-hee
Yang Seong-ran
Distributed by Shin Films
Release date
  • 1961 (1961)
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Prince Yeonsan (연산군Yeonsan gun) is a 1961 South Korean film directed by Shin Sang-ok. Among several awards including Best Actor and Best Actress, it was chosen as Best Film at the first Grand Bell Awards ceremony.[2][3][4]


A historical drama about Yeonsangun of Joseon as a prince trying to restore the status of his mother, the deposed and executed Queen Yun.[5]


Contemporary reviews[edit]

  • November 22, 1961. "[영화제작계 근황]", Kyunghyang Sinmun[4]
  • December 3, 1961. "촬영소식/「연산군」전편" 신정에 개봉/상영 5시간의 장척물 신문 Hankook Ilbo
  • December 3, 1961. "[연예] 원커트/ 발랄한 용자 / 엄앵란양", Hankook Ilbo
  • December 6, 1961. "[스폿트라이트] 한숨에 내달린 출세가도", The Dong-a Ilbo
  • December 30, 1961. "국산대작이 볼만 / -신협-제작영화도 이색 / 정초 시내 개봉관 -프로-", Kyunghyang Sinmun


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Succeeded by
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